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Sentences with Will Have

“Will have” is a future tense verb, which means that it describes an action that will take place in the future. These sentences shows the usage of “will have”:

  • He will have finished his homework by six o’clock. (plan)
  • The students will have been studying for two hours by the end of class. (prediction)

“Will have” is also used to talk about future events or future in general. See the following sentences.

  • I’m sure he will have a good time. (future event)
  • He’ll have to work hard if he wants to succeed. (general)

Sentences with Will Have

  1. Tom will have eaten his breakfast before going to work.
  2. They will have cleaned the house before their guests arrive.
  3. We will have been neighbors for ten years by this time next year.
  4. My sister will have made a drawing by tomorrow.
  5. The meeting will have ended by the time you arrive.
  6. We will have met for three hours by midday.
  7. He will have bought a car by the time he turns 30.
  8. The meeting will have lasted forty-five minutes if we don’t stop it now.
  9. will have finished my homework by tomorrow morning.
  10. will have eaten more than enough at this time tomorrow.
  11. By next month, he will have already eaten lunch with his boss.
  12. will have cleared my desk before you arrive.
  13. By the time we finish, he will have left his office.
  14. The project will have been delayed due to an insufficient budget.
  15. You will have to show your passport at the border control.
  16. She will have to spend the evening working on that report for the boss.
  17. We will have extra security for the homecoming dance.
  18. The crop will have just been harvested when school starts.
  19. The students and staff will have already begun preparing for the new term when the children arrive in September.
  20. The class will have just begun by the time Lucy comes.
  21. will have already left by the time you’re ready to go.
  22. She will have missed the train by then.
  23. The company’s profits will have dropped by next quarter.
  24. will have reviewed the syllabus by January 15th.
  25. By December 1st, students will have earned an average of 80%.
  26. Students will have reviewed the first chapter of Hamlet by Thursday.
  27. The CEO will have already made contact with you regarding this matter.
  28. You will have to look at our terms and conditions for refunds.
  29. The client will have signed an agreement before the service is provided.
  30. will have completed my application before my account is approved.
  31. They will have provided the information asked to fill out the form.
  32. We will have to fill out a job application if interested in working here.
  33. We will have visited five states by the end of Tuesday.
  34. Dr. Smith will have performed five surgeries by 11:00 am tomorrow.
  35. The students will have packed up their supplies by Monday.
  36. Things are changing so fast that we will have new rules by next year.
  37. They will have surgery tomorrow for her broken wrist.
  38. She will have had experience working with animals.
  39. The baby birds will have grown new feathers by next month.
  40. You will have met your friend that works at the ice cream store downtown.
  41. The kids will have eaten by the time you get home from work.
  42. When my boss comes in, I will have my work completed.
  43. We will have finished painting by the end of the day.
  44. By this time next year, we will have opened three branches of our business.
  45. I‘ll have a cappuccino while we wait for the movie to start.
  46. I‘ll have already told Bob about the party.
  47. You will have finished the first draft of your novel when you have written about 100 pages.
  48. We will have completed the project by next April.
  49. By Thursday, she will have traveled to three cities for the project.
  50. will have invited my friends to the event.
Sentences with Will HavePin
Sentences with Will Have

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