Simile and Metaphor Examples (50 Sentences)

simile and metaphor examples sentences

Similes and metaphors are a great way to add some spice and help make your writing more interesting. For example, a simile is a sentence that says “X is like Y” or “X is as Y as.” A metaphor is a sentence that says “X is Y.” Both are comparisons, but there are differences in … Read more

Will Vs Shall | 100+ Sentences of will and shall

will vs shall

Will and shall are two modal verbs used to show the future tense. Here is a comparison (will vs shall) and 100+ sentences of will and shall, so that you can understand them better. Will vs Shall The uses of the modal verbs ‘will’ and ‘shall’ are sometimes a bit confusing. It isn’t always clear … Read more

Sentences of Alliteration (35 Examples)

Sentences of Alliteration

Alliteration is a word or phrase that begins with the same consonant sound as another word close to it. Alliteration Examples are used for the purpose of adding emphasis. Alliteration is a type of literary device that uses the repetition of similar consonant sounds in closely packed phrases. For example, the words bold and brass, … Read more

Not Only But Also Sentences (36 Examples)

Not Only But Also Sentences

What is “Not only – but also”? Not only but also is a phrase that is used to emphasize the importance or extent of something. There are different ways to use this phrase. For example: The United States Constitution was ratified in 1787 and became the law of the land not only for thirteen colonies, … Read more

Examples with Neither Nor (50 Sentences)

Examples with Neither Nor

What is neither nor? Neither -nor is a correlative conjunction. It is used to emphasize contrast, and translate the neither… nor word pairs in other languages. This entry covers the basic sentence patterns with neither-nor; for further information, see the main entry for neither and nor. When neither nor is used in sentences, the predicate … Read more

50 Sentences of Simile (Common Examples of Simile)

50 Sentences of Simile

A simile is a figure of speech that compares two things using the words “like” or “as”. They are often used in everyday conversations to make comparisons.For example, “She was as mad as a wet hen”. This sentence is comparing how angry she was to how angry a wet hen would be. There are many … Read more

Sentences with Either – or | Either or fallacy

Sentences with Either - or (50 examples)

You can use either – or to talk about something that is true in all possible ways. Both of these are correct. It’s important to note that either – or does not always result in faulty reasoning, but it can if used incorrectly. We have written 50 example sentences with either -or. Sentences with Either … Read more

No Sooner Than Sentences (31 Examples)

no sooner than sentences

No sooner – than is a phrase that means “as soon as possible.” It’s often used in phrases like “no sooner than tomorrow” or “no sooner than tomorrow morning.” The phrase “no sooner” can also stand alone, meaning something happened right away. For example, you might say: I was so hungry after running the marathon; … Read more

Sentences with However at the beginning & middle (50+ Examples)

Sentences with However (50 Examples)

“Sentences with however” is a blog post that will show you the use of word “however” at the beginning of sentences and in the middle as well. It may be hard to understand at first, but it’s really not that difficult. Read these 50 example sentences. The word “however” is used in a sentence when … Read more

50 Examples of Abstract Nouns (Sentences of Abstract Nouns)

50 Examples of Abstract Nouns

We have compiled 50 example sentences of abstract nouns for you. 50 Examples of Abstract Nouns Ability: Tom has the ability to run 10 miles per hour. Adoration: She looked at Charles in adoration. Advantage: He could not take advantage of the opportunity. Adventure: Hiking and traveling are the biggest adventures for me. Anger: Bob … Read more