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Has Have Had use in sentences | 50 Examples

Use of has, have, & had

  • HAS: We use ‘has’ to show possession or ownership for singular objects.
  • HAVE: We use ‘have’ to show possession or ownership for plural objects.
  • HAD: ‘Had’ is used to show possession or ownership of something in the past.

Has Have Had use in sentences

Sentences using “has”

  1. He has a sharp knife.
  2. The horse has four hoofs.
  3. She has had a beautiful cat.
  4. Tom has completed his assignment before the target date.
  5. Bob has a variety of coins.
  6. The old man has no stick.
  7. The fruit seller has no apples.
  8. The passenger has a lot of luggage.
  9. Has the cow two horns?
  10. The girl has the keys to the door.
  11. The poor man has no bicycle.
  12. The dog has a beautiful collar on its neck.
  13. Julia has no ornaments.
  14. Has the carpenter made this unique chair?
  15. This parrot has a red peak.
  16. He has worked here for five years.
  17. It has rained heavily this morning.
  18. She has a plan to spend her holidays in Austria.
  19. Rosina has prepared the meal for her children.
  20. Tom has no interest in marketing.

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Sentences using “have”

  1. They have many books.
  2. Have you a dog in the house?
  3. have a 50-megapixel camera.
  4. Tom and Bob are brothers. They have an ordinary residence.
  5. They have raised the issue of clean water at the conference.
  6. have applied for the American visa lottery.
  7. They have not helped him in his illegal activities.
  8. have tried a lot for a job but in vain.
  9. have opened a bank account to save money for the future.
  10. Have you a precious watch?
  11. have nothing in my wallet except my ID card.
  12. Do you have a pen in your pocket?
  13. I have an older brother.
  14. We have done some extra work for the project
  15. I have met Antonia several times before.
  16. We have made appointments in advance.

Sentences using “had”

  1. Our garden had a hedge around it.
  2. How many cars has this rich man had?
  3. I had a beautiful picture which is no more with me.
  4. He had no dog in the house.
  5. My brother had worked there in 2005.
  6. Had the king crown on his head?
  7. The farmer had two bullocks.
  8. How long a piece of cloth had the girl?
  9. Had the horse bridle and saddle.
  10. This city had a clock tower in its middle.
  11. The mechanic had fixed my car before I reached there.
  12. He had a precious watch that was lost.
  13. She had won a gold medal in swimming in 1994.
  14. Jacob had no job in 2017.
  15. She had a great time on her vacation.

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has have had sentences (50 examples)Pin
has have had sentences (50 examples)

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