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Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences (50 Examples)

The Present Perfect Continuous or Progressive tense talks about how long you have been doing something you started in the past and still continue now. “For ten minutes,” “for one year,” and “since Monday” are all durations which can be used with the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

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Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

We have narrated 50 sentences (affirmative, negative and interrogative) for your practice.

Affirmative Sentences

  1. Ali has been painting the room for 2 hours. He’s still painting it.
  2. Jimmy has been working as a postman since 2009. He is still working as a postman.
  3. I’m tired because I have been running just now.
  4. My stomach is full. I have been eating for fifteen minutes.
  5. Look at her eyes! I’m sure she has been crying. She stopped crying when she saw her boyfriend.
  6. I have been living in Boston for two months.
  7. I have been working as a waitress for the past week
  8. I have been teaching at this school since 2015.
  9. Tom has been catching fish since sunset.
  10. He has been enjoying sound sleep for six hours.
  11. She has been taking tea for many years.
  12. I have been reading the newspaper.
  13. He is tired because he has been working for eight hours.
  14. The birds have been chirping since morning.
  15. My business has been making progress since 2012.
  16. I have been bathing for 20 minutes.
  17. The workers have been building the house for many days.
  18. Alice has been swimming in the pool for five hours. He is fond of it.
  19. The child has been playing a game for two hours.
  20. I have been spending my holiday on the beach.
  21. I have been practicing law for five years. 
  22. The artist has been drawing scenery for three hours.
  23. Alan has been treating the patients since 2019. He is a doctor.
  24. He has been learning French since he went to college.
  25. The gardener has been planting flowers all day.
  26. The children have been playing football for two hours.
  27. Tom has been driving the same bike for many years.
  28. I have been waiting for my friend at a coffee shop, but he has not arrived yet.
  29. The water tap has been leaking for many days.
  30. Rita has been baking a sponge cake for one hour.

Negative Sentences

  1. She has not been eating sweets for many years.
  2. Alan has not been attending the class for many days. He is ill.
  3. Julia has not been visiting any friends. She is upset.
  4. The farmer has not been sowing crops for two years.
  5. She has not been living with her family for many years.
  6. I have not been attending the business meeting for two months. I am ill.
  7. The mechanic has not been fixing the car for two days.
  8. She has not been cooking for many days. She has been hoteling.
  9. He has not been reading emails.
  10. You have not been carrying an umbrella. It has been raining all day.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Has the child been crying for ten minutes? He is hungry.
  2. Have they been working for a noble cause? They are collecting charity for disabled persons.
  3. Has the crowd been raising slogans since noon?
  4. Have you been living in this house for five years?
  5. Has it been snowing since night?
  6. Has he been sewing clothes for five hours? He is a tailor.
  7. Have you been saving money for bad times for five years?
  8. Why have you been calling me?
  9. Who has been ringing the doorbell?
  10. Why have you been blaming me for no reason?
present perfect continuous tense sentences examplesPin
present perfect continuous tense sentences examples

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  1. This is a great post! I’ve been struggling with the present perfect continuous tense for a while now and this post has really helped me understand it better.

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