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Future Continuous Tense Sentences | 50 Examples

The Future Progressive or Continuous Tense is used to express continuing action, something that will be happening, going on, at some point in the future. For example, I will be taking tea in the morning.

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Future Continuous Tense Sentences

  1. will be attending the conference next month.
  2. Bob will be playing tennis at 9 a.m. tomorrow.
  3. This time next month, I will be enjoying the holidays.
  4. He’ll be working late at the office tonight.
  5. Tonight at 6 p.m., I will be going to my friend’s house.
  6. At eight o’clock tonight, we will be swimming in the clubhouse.
  7. Tom will be celebrating his marriage anniversary next week.
  8. will be seeing my friend tomorrow at 8 p.m.
  9. Tom will be attending the business meeting next week.
  10. While I am finishing my homework, she will be making dinner.
  11. The teacher will be teaching grammar lessons to the class.
  12. Don’t disturb me at 9 p.m. this evening; I will be having dinner.
  13. The people will be gathering in the town tomorrow.
  14. She will be taking her lesson in yoga in the morning.
  15. shall be reading the paper then.
  16. They shall be playing hockey at that time.
  17. The farmer will be smoking his pipe.
  18. The players will be playing on the field at 8 o’clock.
  19. The mother will be kissing her baby.
  20. She will be designing dresses for her boutique.
  21. They will be traveling all night.
  22. will be waiting for you at the usual time.
  23. It will be raining now.
  24. The sun will be rising in the morning.
  25. The dyer will be dying the clothes.
  26. The birds will be chirping in the morning.
  27. The gardener will be watering the plants in the morning.
  28. The mason will be building the house soon.
  29. The kids will be learning tables by heart.
  30. The teacher will be teaching grammar soon.
  31. will be watching the movie tomorrow at this time.
  32. Bob will be painting the window next week.
  33. Alan will be attending the classes next month.
  34. will be traveling to Austria in the summer vacation.
  35. The rich man will be giving alms.
  36. The children will be playing in the park in the evening.
  37. Alice will be celebrating her birthday on Wednesday.
  38. The doctor will be operating upon the patient after some time.
  39. She will be dusting the furniture in the morning.
  40. The passengers will be buying the tickets after some time.
  41. Some students will not be doing their work regularly.
  42. The principal will not be granting you leave.
  43. You will not be admitting your mistake.
  44. What will you be doing at four?
  45. Who will be facing the danger for you?
  46. Will the bull be running after the people?
  47. How will he be flying a kite?
  48. Who will be opposing you?
  49. Will the snow on the mountains be melting in July?
  50. Will you be helping your friend with his study?
Future Continuous (Progressive) Tense Example SentencesPin
Future Continuous (Progressive) Tense Example Sentences

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