50 sentences of preposition

50 Sentences of Preposition

50 Sentences of Preposition

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  1. A message which is shorter in length is often called a note.
  2. I hang my coat behind the door.
  3. Why are you getting on my nerves by your prattle?
  4. There is a cat under the table.
  5. The child is sleeping in the lap of its mother.
  6. Tom finished the syllabus ahead of the examination.
  7. The sale of vegetables in the new market is going on for two weeks.
  8. There is a highway between Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  9. This book belongs to Bob.
  10. Alice is from Italy.
  11. In English, the grammatical arrangement of words is fairly different from other languages.
  12. He planted a lot of trees around his house.
  13. Jon lives next to my house.
  14. Men have not yet learnt to live peacefully.
  15. The webinar was held on 11 January 2020.
  16. Alan presided over the meeting.
  17. There is a path above the lake.
  18. The students are studying according to the timetable.
  19. I am very sorry for all the trouble this has caused you.
  20. Alan goes to college daily.
  21. Bob attended the meeting on behalf of his company.
  22. He will apologize to his mother.
  23. I can write a letter in my own hand.
  24. There are some formalities connected with each writer.
  25. I came two minutes ago.
  26. I wish you good luck in your life.
  27. The temperature is below 25 degrees Fahrenheit today.
  28. There is a beautiful present inside the box.
  29. Thank you for letting me know about your decision.
  30. I have some wonderful news for you.
  31. I was glad to hear from you at last and to learn that you are fine.
  32. He was peeping from the window.
  33. He jumped into the water for swimming.
  34. She was walking across the river.
  35. She was walking towards home.
  36. The plate was full of fruit salad.
  37. He lifted 180 pounds above his head.
  38. The inherited property was divided equally among three brothers.
  39. They decided to go for a walk after 6 o’clock.
  40. He was carrying an umbrella along with him. It might rain.
  41. They were hesitant to accept my invitation.
  42. The elephant is lying down in the mud.
  43. She is looking for her friend at the party.
  44. There is a beautiful park near my house.
  45. His house looks like a palace.
  46. Do not depend upon anyone. You should do it yourself.
  47. He has been traveling around the world for two years.
  48. This is the town where we used to live.
  49. She is leaning against the wall.
  50. In English, we use neuter gender for lifeless things.

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50 Sentences of Prepositions
50 Sentences of Prepositions

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