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Is am are sentences in English (50 Examples)

You can find here 50 ‘is am are sentences in English.

  1. You are on the right.
  2. These lessons are not difficult.
  3. am one of the intelligent students in my class.
  4. Is Jimmy bold and daring?
  5. Khalid is a famous doctor in this city.
  6. am curious about historical places.
  7. This jug is full of water.
  8. Sami is an expert in mathematics.
  9. Is he on death bed?
  10. This box is made of wood.
  11. These all things are new.
  12. Why are you disturbing me?
  13. am taking exercise regularly.
  14. She is reading a novel.
  15. Which machine is working in the fields?
  16. The manager of this office is on leave today.
  17. Is the sky full of stars?
  18. Are all these questions not tricky?
  19. It is a fantastic novel to read.
  20. The park is not far from my house.
  21. How many brothers are you?
  22. There is both pain and comfort in the world.
  23. The distance between the earth and the sun is nine crore and eighty lac miles.
  24. This universe is mysterious.
  25. There are millions of stars and planets in this universe.
  26. These stars and planets are at a distance of millions of miles from each other.
  27. Is Juneau the most prominent city by area in the United States?
  28. Paris is famous for its perfumes.
  29. am swamped now.
  30. The farmer is plowing the fields.
  31. am feeling good after the illness.
  32. She is learning lessons in French.
  33. Why are fish being caught here?
  34. Are they planning to travel to Venice?
  35. He is not doing his job diligently.
  36. She is boiling the eggs.
  37. Why are you worrying about the future?
  38. We are ready to receive the guests.
  39. am not satisfied with your decision.
  40. Are you listening to the news?
  41. It is drizzling now.
  42. How many persons are considering this matter?
  43. Are the players playing football?
  44. Why is the plane landing here?
  45. Who is knocking on the door?
  46. She is making a delicious cake.
  47. Am I not addressing you?
  48. She is not smiling.
  49. They are trying to sell their whole property.
  50. This market is not suitable for the electronics business.

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is am are sentences - 50 examplesPin
is am are sentences – 50 examples

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