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Was Were Sentences | 50 Examples

Was Were Sentences | 50 Examples

  1. was disappointed that so few people attended the event.
  2. You were busy when I called this morning.
  3. You were helpful because you showed me the way to the airport.
  4. She was a good teacher because they enjoyed her lessons.
  5. They were surprised when they learned the truth.
  6. He was hungry, so he left for dinner early.
  7. She was going to work when she got in a car accident.
  8. It was tranquil outside when I woke up.
  9.  All her ideas were well thought out.
  10. They were the best team members to have on my side.
  11. was late for class because my shoelace broke.
  12. My dog was tired after a long day of play.
  13. The restaurant I had dinner at was expensive, but the food and waitstaff were great!
  14. Your application was excellent; however, it was decided to offer the position to a candidate with more experience.
  15. The last election was fair and square.
  16. Who was at the door?
  17. How much sugar was there in the pot?
  18. Helen was a beautiful girl with red hair.
  19. He was confident of his success.
  20. He was a very cunning man.
  21. You were not at fault.
  22. She was resting on her oars after her retirement.
  23. He was planting flowers in his lawn last Sunday.
  24. All the students were present except Bob.
  25. He enjoyed his life when he was young.
  26. He was working as HR Manager in this firm a year ago. 
  27. The novel which I read last night was fascinating.
  28. Jon was my intimate friend.
  29. Her opinion was straightforward and honest, as always.
  30. Last month Tom was traveling to Spain.
  31. The book was not on the table.
  32. The children were playing hide and seek in the park yesterday.
  33. There was no light in the street.
  34. The beggar was not lame.
  35. Where were you living last year?
  36. All the tickets for the concert were sold.
  37. What were you looking for in my room last night?
  38. He was weighed down with financial burdens.
  39. She was at her wit’s end on how to act.
  40. Jon was Mr. Bob’s blue-eyed boy.
  41. Who was in the garden last night?
  42. Was this lesson very difficult?
  43. Why were you sad yesterday?
  44. The speaker was cutting a sorry figure because of his wrong pronunciation.
  45. All the pages of the book were dog-eared.
  46. Last year he was studying Electrical Engineering.
  47. We were hardworking students.
  48. The mechanic was repairing my car an hour ago.
  49. was very excited about my new job.
  50. The wedding was supposed to be simple.

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was were sentences - 50 examplesPin
was were sentences – 50 examples

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