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Preposition Usage and Examples

A preposition is used to show the relation of one thing to another. It connects a noun or a pronoun with a verb, adjective, pronoun or another noun.

Some commonly used prepositions are give here.

  • by
  • in
  • at
  • on
  • near
  • under
  • as
  • to
  • between
  • from
  • since

Preposition Example Sentences

  • The cat is under the table.
  • The cow is under the tree.
  • I shall go to London.
  • He is in trouble.
  • This letter is from my brother.
  • Where did you get this book from?
  • She lives near the airport.
  • My pencil is in my bag.

Correct use of some prepositions

Use of ‘by’, ‘with’, ’till’

“By” is used for the person who is working

“With” is used to indicate tool of working.

“Till” is used to indicate the end of some specific time.


  • The carpenter cuts wood with a saw.
  • I went to town by train.
  • It is 6 o’ clock by my watch.
  • We shall stay there till Sunday.

Use of ‘to’

To indicate some direction or place, we use ‘to’


  • I am going to the park.
  • This road leads to the station.

Use of ‘on’, ‘upon’

“On” is used before the motionless things.

“Upon” is used before the moving things.


  • She is sitting on the roof.
  • The wolf sprang upon the lamb.

Use of ‘at’, ‘in’

“At” is used for the fixed time and small cities whereas

“In” is used for the unidentified period and for the big cities, provinces and countries.


  • They live at Darham Pura.
  • There are many gardens in Lahore.
  • He will come here at 8 o’clock.
  • She came in the evening.

Use of ‘in’, ‘into’

‘In’ is used for the state of rest position.

‘Into’ is used for position.


  • Who is in the room?
  • Who jumped into the river?

Use of ‘besides’, ‘beside’

‘Beside’ is used to indicate direction.

‘Besides’ is used to specific someone.


  • He is sitting beside a sofa.
  • All the boys have gone besides me.

Use of ‘within’, ‘in’

‘Within’ is used to indicate the calculation of time in which something is happened.

‘In’ is used to indicate the completion of time period.


  • He will come in two hours.
  • Adeel will come within three hours.

Use of ‘after’, ‘behind’

‘After’ is used to indicate time.

‘Behind’ is used to indicate place.


  • I left home after 6 o’clock.
  • He hid behind a tree.

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