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Past Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences in English (Affirmative, Negative & Questions)

Past perfect progressive or continuous tense is very similar to the past perfect tense, only that the focus of this tense is the duration of the action being done in the past before another action happened.

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Past Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

Affirmative Sentences

  1. He had been working at that company for three years when it went out of business.
  2. He had been practicing grammar for two hours.
  3. Alice said that she knew Mike had been lying to her.
  4. The boys were very tired because they had been playing basketball for 4 hours.
  5. He had been driving the same car for many years.
  6. They had been planning for a Europe trip when I came.
  7. Akash had been working hard for six months to achieve the target.
  8. I wanted to sit down because I had been standing for two hours.
  9. We had been living here for two years.
  10. The firefighter had been extinguishing fire for many hours.
  11. I had been catching fish since morning.
  12. Steve was tired because he had been jogging.
  13. Susan gained weight because she had been overeating.
  14. It had been drizzling all day.
  15. She had been working as an Accountant in this firm since 2005.
  16. I had been living there for five years.
  17. The lawyer had been pleading the case for one year.
  18. He had been studying at this college for two years.
  19. He had been reading books in this library.
  20. They had been playing carrom board when Alice came.
  21. She had been baking cookies when I came.
  22. I had been waiting for you for one hour.
  23. It had been snowing since morning. All the area was covered with snow.
  24. Cathy was an expert writer because she had been writing for five years.
  25. Bob read the complete novel because he had been reading it for many days.
  26. The mechanic had been fixing my car for three hours.
  27. The kids had been playing in the park since morning.
  28. I had been working in this office for many years.
  29. I had been writing stories for kids.
  30. They had been living in this town.
  31. He had been playing football since childhood.
  32. Alan had been teaching Physics for five years.
  33. Our volleyball team had been winning matches for three years.
  34. I had been doing social work for the betterment of society.
  35. They had been playing cards for three hours.
  36. She had been visiting Rome since childhood.
  37. I had been reading this book for six hours.
  38. had been smoking for five years.

Negative Sentences

  1. Mary said that she had not been swimming so much in one day.
  2. We would have gone to the park if it hadn’t been raining.
  3. He failed the test because he had not been attending classes.
  4. She had not been taking exercise for many days.
  5. He had not been taking care of her for long.

Questions / Interrogative Sentences

  1. Who had been knocking at the door?
  2. How long had you been waiting to get on the train?
  3. Had he been pleading your case for one year?
  4. Had the farmer been sowing seeds in the fields since morning?
  5. Why had you been calling me?
  6. Had she been responding to your phone calls?
past perfect continuous tense sentences examplesPin
past perfect continuous tense sentences examples

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