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50 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense describes on-going actions at the time of speaking and happening right now, stressing that the doer is in the middle of the activity and hasn’t finished yet (the action is incomplete). For example, I am eating a burger.

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Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

Here are 50 sentences of present continuous tense.

Affirmative Sentences

  1. Tom is learning grammar rules.
  2. You are the one who is giving information.
  3. am taking breakfast now.
  4. Steve is reading a book now.
  5. Alice is talking with her friend.
  6. She is going to Spain Sunday.
  7. am training to become a professional footballer.
  8. She is waiting for her friends.
  9. He is working hard to achieve the goal.
  10. The children are playing hide and seek.
  11. She is planting flowers around the tree.
  12. More and more people are using their headphones to listen to music.
  13. Our country is getting richer.
  14. The children are shivering from the cold.
  15. They are enjoying the party.
  16. The plumber is fixing the tap.
  17. He is eating chips while watching the television.
  18. The sun is rising in the east.
  19. am running on the jogging track.
  20. The doctor is feeling the pulse of the patient.
  21. Jimmy is recording videos for his YouTube channel.
  22. He is looking for a job.
  23. Jon is playing the flute.
  24. The farmer is harvesting the crop.
  25.  Alice is spending his valuable time reading books.
  26. Hundreds of families are living in this village.
  27. Robots are helping us in performing routine work.
  28. The birds are migrating from Siberia due to harsh weather.
  29. Jon is resigning from his job due to the low salary.
  30. am attending a business meeting right now.

Negative Sentences

  1. The chef is not baking the cookies.
  2. He is not feeling ashamed of his act.
  3. Tom is not driving the car fast.
  4. They are not talking with each other after the last argument.
  5. The audience is not listening to the speaker.
  6. It is not raining outside.
  7. I am not going to Singapore.
  8. Peter is not paying attention to his handwriting.
  9. He is not preparing for the exam.
  10. The ship is not going to Manila.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Who is making noise?
  2. Who is ringing the bell?
  3. Are you living in this town?
  4. Is the postman delivering letters?
  5. Is she betraying me?
  6. Is the boy reading his lesson?
  7. Where are the people gathering for the party?
  8. How many workers are building the bridge?
  9. Is he doing his duty diligently?
  10. Is the mechanic fixing the car?
50 Sentences of present continuous tensePin
50 Sentences of present continuous tense

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