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Types of a Sentence (With Examples)

What is a sentence?

A sentence consists of two or more words and conveys a complete sense. It can be a statement, order or a question.

A sentence consists of these items.

1 – Letter

English alphabets A – Z are called letters. However, when “I” and “O” are used separately, they are turned into words and written capital.

2 – Word

When two or more than two letters are joined, they become a word.


Go, like, live and foolish, etc.

3 – Sentence

A combination of words arranged in a meaningful way which gives a complete sense is called a sentence.


  • I go.
  • Allah is one.
  • The sun is stationary.

4 – Phrase

A group of words giving a definite meaning but not the complete sense. It is a part of the sentence and helps in making a sentence.


  • A bed of roses.
  • To beat about the bush.

5 – Clause

A group of words which required another group of words to give a complete sense.


  • He said that he would go to Melbourne.
  • God helps those who help themselves.

Construction of a Sentence

As regards construction, the sentence has two parts.

1 – The Subject

A word, phrase or clause about which something is said, is called the subject.

2 – The Predicate

The part or statement which tells something about the subject is called the predicate.


The girls (The Subject) are singing a melodious song. (The Predicate)

In the above sentence “The girls” is a subject while “are singing a melodious song” tells us about the subject.

The predicate can be divided into three further parts.

Helping Verbs

These are used as helpers to clarify the meanings of the tense. They are placed before the verb.


  • I am writing an article.
  • He is playing hockey.


This is a part of speech that denotes a state or action.


  • He met me on the way.
  • I am writing an article.


A word or phrase governed by a verb or preposition or which receives the action.


  • John is playing hockey.
  • He is writing a book.

Types of a Sentence According to Structure

1 – Simple Sentence

It consists of one basic verb and expresses on thought.


  • It rained heavily yesterday.
  • I live in Glasgow.

2 – Compound Sentence

It contains more than one co-ordinate clause joined by co-ordinate conjunctions. It expresses two or more thoughts.


  • He went to Japan last month but returned the next day.
  • I shall go to the hotel and see my friend there.

3 – Complex Sentence

It consists of one principal clause and one or more subordinate clauses. It also expresses two or more thoughts.


  • I said that he was a faithful friend.
  • As he was bright and confident, he got the job in no time. 

Types of a Sentence According to Meaning

1 – Assertive Sentence

It is a simple statement, news or information of facts about something. It may be positive or negative.

Positive Sentence

It simply affirms or tells us something.


  • I have done my duty.
  • We go to college on foot.

Negative Sentence

It denies something.


  • I have not done my duty.
  • We do not go to college.

2 – Interrogative Sentence

In such sentences, a question is asked. It starts with a helping verb or a question word.


  • Have I done my duty?
  • Why do we go to college on foot?

3 – Imperative Sentence

It expresses some order, command, request, advice, proposal or prohibition.


  • Do your duty.
  • Let us work hard.
  • Please help me.

4 – Exclamatory Sentence

It expresses some sudden action, feeling of joy, sorrow, surprise or wonder.


  • Hurrah! We have won the match.
  • What a lovely scene of nature!
  • Alas! I have failed.

5 – Optative Sentence

It expresses some desire, pray or curse.

  • Would that I had succeeded!
  • May I pass the examination.
  • May you go to hell!

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Types of a Sentence

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