50 Example Sentences using Jaded

Sentences using Jaded

Jaded is a verb that means you are tired and bored of something. For example:‘Mike never gets excited about anything anymore, he’s really jaded.‘ Here are 50 example sentences using jaded. Example Sentences using Jaded The company was jaded by years of fruitless research and experimentation. We were all tired and jaded from the seven … Read more

50 Example Sentences with Melancholy

Sentences with Melancholy

50 Example Sentences with Melancholy The view of the mountains gave him a pang of melancholy. I am experiencing symptoms of melancholy that may be more serious than I thought. The warm weather has lifted everyone’s spirits, even mine which were somewhat melancholy after the storm. Her eyes had red-rimmed lids which made her look … Read more

Sentences with Dour (73 Examples)

Example Sentences with Dour

73 Example Sentences with Dour I think it’s dour outside today. That word sounds very dour. The sun cast a dour glow over the forest as we drove by. The conversation was as dour as the weather. She was dressed in a dour grey suit and black shirt, and she wore little makeup to match … Read more

Sentences with Formidable (85 Examples)

Sentences with Formidable (85 Examples)

In this blog post, you will see 85 example sentences with formidable. Sentences with Formidable He laughed with a voice that made her shiver with its formidable power. It was a formidable task, but he eventually managed it. The size of her debt is formidable. There was no way to cross the river at that … Read more

Sentences with Apostrophes (Possession & Contraction)

Sentences with Apostrophes (Possession & Contraction)

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to signify ownership or distinction that is often not obvious. Apostrophes are also used for possession and to create contractions. If you want your writing to be clear and concise, you’ll need to know how to use an apostrophe. It’s a common punctuation mark that’s used in many … Read more

Sentences with Commas (50 Examples)

Sentences with Commas in them

Comma is the smallest punctuation mark that has the biggest effect. What is a comma? A comma is a mark showing the separation of different elements within the sentence. It is one of the most important punctuating marks in the English language. These are often categorized as an enclosed punctuation mark because most commas are … Read more

Sentences with Where (50 Examples)

Sentences with Where

Where is used as an adverb, meaning “at which place”. However, it can also be used as a conjunction or pronoun. Here are 50 example sentences with where. Sentences with Where The match takes place where the opposition’s goalkeeper is standing. It’s where we feed the baby at night. He deserves the credit for this … Read more

Sentences with Because Conjunction (50 Examples)

50 Example Sentences with Because Conjunction

Because conjunction is used before a noun or pronoun to indicate the reason for something. The conjunction is commonly used in formal writing, but it is common in day-to-day speech too. You will find here 50 sentences with “because conjunction”. Read also: Types of Conjunctions with Examples Sentences with Because Conjunction It is important to … Read more

Sentences with But Conjunction (75 Examples)

Example Sentences with But Conjunction

In English, conjunctions are a part of speech that connect words and group words/clauses together. For example: “My phone got wet but it still works.” The word but is coordinating conjunction and one of the most commonly used conjunctions in the English language. Here are 75 example sentences with but conjunction. Read also: Types of … Read more

Sentences with Although Conjunction (87 Examples)

Sentences with although conjunction (87 examples)

Although is used as a subordinating conjunction and usually interrupts the flow of the main clause. Here are 87 example sentences with although conjunction. Read also: Types of Conjunctions with Examples Sentences with Although Although I don’t like broccoli , I’ll eat it for you. Although the sun was setting, it was still hot. Although … Read more