Present Perfect Tense Sentences (Affirmative, Negative & Interrogative) | 50 Examples

The present perfect tense is used to express a past event that has happened at an unspecified time where the exact time is not known and also is not necessarily completed. For example, I have written.

The unspecific expressions such as: ever, never, once, many times, several times, before, so far, already, yet, etc. are commonly used for in the present perfect tense.

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Present Perfect Tense Sentences

These are 50 sentences (affirmative, negative, and interrogative) of past perfect tense for your practice.

Affirmative Sentences

  1. I have been to Singapore.
  2. I have been to England three times.
  3. Alice has studied two foreign languages.
  4. You have grown taller since the last time I saw you.
  5. The government has become more interested in Science and Math education.
  6. Japanese has become one of the most popular courses at the university since the Asian studies program was established.
  7. My English has really improved since I moved to England.
  8. Man has walked on the Moon.
  9. Our son has learned how to read.
  10. I have learned how to play the flute.
  11. Doctors have cured many deadly diseases.
  12. Scientists have split the atom.
  13. have had four quizzes and five tests so far this semester.
  14. We have had many minor problems while working on this project.
  15. She has talked to several specialists about her problem, but nobody knows why she is sick.
  16. Tom has become a Managerial Assistant in this firm.
  17. I have kept vegetables in the cellar.
  18. I have completed my graduation.
  19. The sailor has crossed the river.
  20. He has born to fight.
  21. She has been to the market.
  22. I have seen this movie last Sunday.
  23. The plane has fallen down.
  24. Antarctic penguins have spent about 75% of their life in water.
  25. I have jotted down some points to write an essay.
  26. ٰI have bought household items.
  27. Different kinds of machines have made our life at home highly comfortable.
  28. My business has grown vertically.
  29. I have made a decision about my future after assessing my capacities and circumstances.
  30. This era has taken man to the heights of scientific and technical progress.

Negative Sentences

  1. Steven has not finished his homework yet.
  2. Alice hasn’t mastered Japanese so she can’t communicate with you.
  3. Bill has still not arrived.
  4. The rain hasn’t stopped.
  5. I have never been to Singapore.
  6. She has never traveled by train alone.
  7. He has not changed his residence.
  8. We have not come to help you.
  9. I have not enjoyed the trip to the hill station.
  10. They have not accepted our invitation.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Why have you moved to England?
  2. Has she taken the lunch?
  3. Has the government announced a scholarship for engineering students?
  4. Have you cleaned the room?
  5. Why have you come so late?
  6. Have you bought a ticket to see the movie?
  7. Who has presented the theory of relativity?
  8. Has she denied my proposal?
  9. Have you grown rose plants?
  10. Have you spent all your money?
present perfect tense sentences
Present perfect tense sentences

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