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Interjections Definition and Examples | Interjections Anchor Chart

Interjections Definition and Examples

An interjection is a word that expresses some sudden feeling. For example, oh! ah! alas! etc.

Interjections List

  • ah
  • alas
  • bravo
  • ha ha
  • hallo
  • mark
  • ho
  • hurrah
  • hush
  • lo
  • oh
  • pooh
  • pohoa

Phrases / Clauses used as interjection

  • ah me!
  • alack, a day!
  • for shame!
  • good heavens!
  • how wonderful!
  • luck with it!
  • o dear me!
  • Welcome!
  • well done!

Use of interjections on some occasions.

Pleasure / JoyAha! hurrah! huzza! cheers!
SorrowAah! alas! oh!
WonderO! really what! wonderful!
AppreciationBravo! well done!
Attentionhello! hush! look!
SurpriseAh! Hey!
GreetingsHi! Congrats!

Interjection Examples

  • Hurrah! we have got the scholarship.
  • What a beautiful girl she is!
  • Alas! Her mother has died.
  • What a lovely flower it is!
  • Bravo! my son, you have done an excellent piece of work.
  • Congrats! you completed your graduation.
  • Oh, I’d love to come here again.
  • Ah! there is the lion.
  • Hi, Rita,” he said softly.

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interjections anchor chart

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