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Future Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences | 50 Examples

The Future Perfect Continuous or Progressive Tense isn’t used very much in English and it is also a little complicated to make.

The tense indicates a continuous action that will be completed at some point in the future.

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Future Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

This tense is formed with the modal “WILL” plus the modal “HAVE” plus “BEEN” plus the present participle of the verb (with an -ing ending). These 50 examples will help you a lot to master the future perfect continuous tense.

  1. By next Thursday, I will have been working on this project for three years.
  2. They will have been talking for over an hour by when Steve arrives.
  3. How long will you have been studying when you graduate?
  4. John and his wife will have been living together for 30 years by the next year.
  5. Ali will be very tired when he gets home because he will have been jogging for over two hours.
  6. We will be making a rest stop in half an hour because you will have been driving the car for six hours and feeling very tired.
  7. By 2023, Susan will have been writing fiction for over two years.
  8. By the end of this year, I will have been working here for 12 years.
  9. By the time you get home, I will have been waiting for you for three hours.
  10. Bob will have been painting the doors by the time you come home.
  11. How long will you have been watching TV when he comes home?
  12. Next Sunday, I will have been reading this book for two weeks.
  13. By January, I will have been teaching for ten years.
  14. By lunch, she will have been cooking since morning.
  15. By March, he will have been learning French for one month.
  16. By midnight, they will have been dancing for five hours.
  17. By tomorrow, I will have been fixing my car for two days.
  18. How long will you have been fixing the bike?
  19. Where will he have been living?
  20. She will have been quilting for five years by the end of this year.
  21. will have been playing tennis since 2016.
  22. She will have been learning guitar for one month by next Monday.
  23. Next Tuesday, he will have been taking the exam for one week.
  24. By June, she will have been cooking for ten years.
  25. By 2022, we will have been living here for 15 years.
  26. By afternoon, I will have been hiking for four hours.
  27. The gardener will have been watering the plants since 4 o’clock.
  28. The audience will not have been going out of the hall before the speech is finished.
  29. The farmer will have been sowing the crops for many days by this month.
  30. The artist will have been making a painting for two weeks by this Sunday.
  31. The people will have been leaving the party by midnight today.
  32. It will have been snowing for several days.
  33. will have been working as a Marketing Manager for five years.
  34. The kids will have been watching cartoons for two hours by 8 p.m.
  35. The next morning, he will have been reading the newspaper for one hour.
  36. She will have been waiting for you since the evening when you come home.
  37. He will not have been writing the essay since night.
  38. The dyer will have been dying the clothes for two hours by the evening.
  39. You will not have been paying the house rent since July.
  40. The doctor will have been treating the patients for six years.
  41. Will you have been talking since morning?
  42. Will the child have been sleeping since night?
  43. My son will have been playing in the park for three hours by 6 p.m.
  44. Next Sunday, I will have been enjoying the holidays.
  45. By tomorrow, I will have been traveling to Spain.
  46. She will have been going to school for five years by December.
  47. By Sunday, the fisherman will have been catching fish for 10 hours.
  48. Floods will have been coming into the river for many years.
  49. The boys will have been doing homework since the afternoon.
  50. The juggler will have been showing tricks for two hours.
Future Perfect Continuous Tense SentencesPin
Future Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

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