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What does adverb mean? 11 Types of Adverb with Examples

What does adverb mean?

An adverb is a word used for qualifying the meaning of the verb, adjective, or another adverb. It tells us that when, where, how, to what extent, or number some piece of work is done.

Adverb Examples

  • He worked hard.
  • He writes carefully.
  • The student runs quickly.
  • He is quite intelligent.

Types of Adverb

There are several classes of ‘kinds’ of adverbs that we use for specific.

  1. Adverb of Manner
  2. Adverb of Place
  3. Adverb of Time
  4. Adverb of Certainty
  5. Adverb of Degree
  6. Interrogative Adverb
  7. Relative Adverb
  8. Adverbs of Number
  9. Adverb of Quantity
  10. Adverb of Purpose
  11. Adverb of Frequency

1 – Adverb of Manner

It tells us how something happens. They are usually placed after the main verb or after the object.


The most commonly used adverbs of manner are as follows:

  • badly
  • loudly
  • rightly
  • quickly
  • sadly
  • well
  • lazily
  • slowly
  • soundly

Examples of adverb of manner

  • They walked quickly.
  • They treated us badly.
  • He slept soundly.
  • I accept your decision happily.

2 – Adverb of Place

Adverbs which indicate the place of action are called adverbs of place. The most commonly used adverbs of place are as follows:-


  • every
  • away
  • near
  • far
  • inside
  • downstairs
  • towards
  • where
  • in
  • out
  • inside
  • there
  • under

Examples of adverb of place

  • They are going out.
  • He was standing there.
  • She climbed up the tree.
  • Please sit down.
  • He came here yesterday.

3 – Adverb of Time

Words which indicate when the action takes place are called adverb of time. They tell us about time period. The most commonly used adverb of time are as follows.


  • after
  • alwayss
  • early
  • late
  • frequently
  • since
  • today
  • presently
  • tomorrow
  • soon
  • now


  • I shall go to town tomorrow.
  • I saw him today.
  • Yesterday he was quite upset.
  • We get up late.

4 – Adverb of Certainty

These adverbs express how certain or sure we feel about an action or event. The most commonly used adverbs of certainty are as follows.


  • definitely
  • surely
  • undoubtedly
  • probably
  • certainly


  • He definitely went there this morning.
  • He is probably in the park.
  • He is undoubtedly an intelligent man.
  • He surely attended the meeting.

5 – Adverb of Degree

It tells us that to what extent some piece of work take place. It answers the question of how much. The most commonly adverbs of degree are given here.


  • almost
  • enough
  • too
  • hardly
  • very
  • quite
  • scarcely
  • completely


  • The water was extremely cold.
  • He was just leaving.
  • He scarcely went there.
  • He has enough material to do this work.

6 – Interrogative Adverb

Interrogative adverbs are used to ask something in a sentence.


  • what
  • when
  • where
  • why
  • how


  • What is your name?
  • When will you leave?
  • Where do you live?
  • How are you?

The interrogative adverbs are usually placed at the beginning of a question.

7 – Relative Adverb

Relative adverb is used to increase the meanings of adverbs and verbs. These adverbs are also used to link the sentences with each other.


  • I wonder how you will pass.
  • That is why I left.
  • He did not tell me when he would come.
  • I know who is the thief.

8 – Adverbs of Number

Adverb of number shows the numbers. It usually comes in reply to the questions how and often.


  • Once he came.
  • He often visits me.
  • Read this story twice.
  • Try try again.
  • Once there was a man.

9 – Adverb of Quantity

These adverbs show the quantity and they usually answer the questions i.e. how much?


  • I am very sorry.
  • I am too tired to walk.
  • He is strong enough.
  • He has little milk.
  • I have much money.

10 – Adverb of Purpose

Adverbs of purpose are used to explain the situation.


  • She drives her car slowly to avoid hitting the rocks.
  • He shops in several stores to get the best bags.

11 -Adverb of Frequency

An adverb of frequency tell us that to what number some piece of work takes place. It shows how often an action is done.

Adverb of frequency list

  • again
  • always
  • frequently
  • never
  • often
  • once
  • secondly
  • thrice
  • seldom


  • Ajmal usually goes to work by car.
  • I am never late for work.
  • I often go to cinema.
  • Jimmy does not usually smoke.

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