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55 Sentences with Relative Pronouns

Sentences with Relative Pronouns: The relative pronoun is the word used to link a subordinate clause to an independent clause. It can be a subject, object, indirect object, or complement. For example, He was the only one who helped me.

The relative pronoun is a pronoun that introduces a subordinate clause and refers to an element of the main clause. Generally, the antecedent of a relative pronoun is the preceding word or phrase in the main clause. In English, it is also possible for a relative pronoun to refer to elements within the subordinate clause itself. The pronouns who, which, and that can be used as the subject or object of a verb in a relative clause. Here are 50 example sentences with relative pronouns.

Sentences with Relative Pronouns

  1. The student, who was sitting next to her, was cheating.
  2. To whom was this message addressed?
  3. You should never hand over your personal information to a telemarketer whose identity is unknown.
  4. The tickets that she could not find were on the table.
  5. He rented out the house in which he lived for years.
  6. John is the person who helped me move last week.
  7. I didn’t see the dog that was barking in the backyard.
  8. He asked me whose idea it was to close the office.
  9. Whom are you suggesting we hire?
  10. Someone left its milk in the back seat, which my dog drank.
  11. The band of which you are a member is one of my favorites.
  12. That student with dark glasses is the student whom I spoke to this morning.
  13. The house that they did not buy is being sold again.
  14. The person who is trying to sell the product needs to overcome this.
  15. The boy who is playing on the street is my brother.
  16. Which picture do you like? This one, which is on the wall, is quite good.
  17. I live in the house that my grandfather built.
  18. The story that they were telling at dinner was amusing.
  19. Which one is the easiest to go with?
  20. The boy, who is standing next to your little sister, is my son Robert.
  21. My parents, who live in the countryside, often invite us to spend time in their house.
  22. The author who wrote this book is my mum’s uncle.
  23. Whose car is that outside the gate?
  24. Which book do you want? The one on the table or the one under it?
  25. The car that she bought seven years ago is still running.
  26. The man, whose hands were bloody, claims to have witnessed the crime.
  27. The keys to the car are in my pants pocket, who‘s in the closet.
  28. The man that works in the park saw an old lady fall.
  29. The police officer who arrived at the accident scene arrested the man who was drunk driving.
  30. Which number should I enter?
  31. Everyone always says that if you can, always work for someone you trust, whose reputation precedes them.
  32. The person whom you’ve hired needs to be good at troubleshooting.
  33. The company that produces toys will be shut down because of a lawsuit.
  34. The candidate that ran for mayor was very popular with young people.
  35. The man whom I introduced to you yesterday is a business partner from Netherland.
  36. The report that I am writing about human trafficking is 120 pages long.
  37. In which case you may have to wait for your money.
  38. I saw a movie last week that you might like.
  39. The company, which was formed in 1922, was initially a family-owned business but became a public limited company in 1996.
  40. It is one’s duty to question our leaders, whose intentions are not always honorable or sincere.
  41. The person who did the report is very competent.
  42. The building in which our meeting took place has a fantastic view of the lake.
  43. I am happy to introduce you to the person whose idea will benefit your project.
  44. All appreciated the volunteers who helped with the clean-up efforts.
  45. The man whose car was stolen got into a fight with the neighbors who witnessed it.
  46. Students whose papers were late were punished.
  47. The guests who were present at this celebration were my close relatives.
  48. The plane for which she could get an upgrade that was leaving earlier than her plane had no available rooms.
  49. The company has sent more than one hundred people on trips that included luxurious accommodations and first-class restaurants.
  50. My mother was the one who always took me to the market when I was young.
  51. The monitor that I received was dead right out of the box.
  52. The company invests in new technologies which allow workers to work from home.
  53. Her favorite food is pizza, which she eats whenever she has the chance.
  54. I know someone who makes custom furniture with his own hands.
  55. Diana, who is my good friend, was here last week, but she won’t be back for a while yet as she has to go back to Canada for a family emergency.
Sentences with Relative PronounsPin
Sentences with Relative Pronouns

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