50 Examples of Abstract Nouns

50 Examples of Abstract Nouns (Sentences of Abstract Nouns)

We have compiled 50 example sentences of abstract nouns for you.

50 Examples of Abstract Nouns

  1. Ability: Tom has the ability to run 10 miles per hour.
  2. Adoration: She looked at Charles in adoration.
  3. Advantage: He could not take advantage of the opportunity.
  4. Adventure: Hiking and traveling are the biggest adventures for me.
  5. Anger: Bob said loudly, with anger in his voice.
  6. Argument: The officer heard his all arguments.
  7. Awareness: They launched a campaign about environmental issues to increase public awareness.
  8. Beauty: Switzerland is a land of natural beauty.
  9. Belief: It is my belief that my project will be successful.
  10. Bravery: Tom has been awarded a medal for his bravery.
  11. Brilliance: Roberts was respected for his brilliance as a writer.
  12. Brutality: He accused the police of brutality.
  13. Calm: I feel inner calm after morning walk and yoga.
  14. Care: Do you taker care of your parents?
  15. Childhood: He spent his childhood in this city.
  16. Coldness: It was the coldness of her attitude that shocked me.
  17. Comfort: My passive income enabled me to live in comfort.
  18. Communication: I am in regular communication with him by phone.
  19. Company: Jon is playing a vital role in the company‘s growth.
  20. Confidence: He has confidence in his communication skills.
  21. Confusion: He has labeled his folders to avoid confusion.
  22. Contentment: Contentment brings peace to your life.
  23. Courage: He does not have the courage to speak before the public.
  24. Death: No medicine works against death.
  25. Deceit: She was accused of deceit.
  26. Dedication: He won his promotion with dedication and hard work.
  27. Defeat: The defeat in the final demoralized the team.
  28. Delay: The delay in the completion of tasks can shake the trust.
  29. Dream: Jon had a weird dream.
  30. Education: Our new-generation needs education and physical activity.
  31. Ego: Don’t oppress others to satisfy your ego.
  32. Fact: The fact is, I don’t like my boss.
  33. Failure: Failures in life have taught me many lessons.
  34. Faith: Tom has faith in his abilities.
  35. Fiction: As far as Tom’s work is concerned, it is a kind of fiction.
  36. Freedom: Freedom of expression does not mean hurting others.
  37. Friendship: Friendship requires trust and love.
  38. Goal: Bob is working day and night to achieve his goals.
  39. Happiness: Spending time in nature brings happiness.
  40. Horror: Do you like horror scenes in movies?
  41. Intelligence: Apart from her intelligence, she is very kind to others.
  42. Irritation: Air pollution is a constant source of irritation.
  43. Joy: A cheerful friend is a joy forever.
  44. Kindness: His heart is full of kindness and love.
  45. Love: Mother’s love is the purest love in the world.
  46. Misery: I lived in misery for many years.
  47. Pride: Tom was bursting with pride after completing his education.
  48. Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is key to success in business.
  49. Sorrow: I expressed my sorrow at his father’s death.
  50. Tiredness: The feeling of tiredness was creeping over his face.
50 Examples of Abstract Nouns
50 Examples of Abstract Nouns (Sentences of Abstract Noun)

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