52 Examples of Sentences with 2 AdjectivesPin

52 Examples of Sentences with 2 Adjectives

An adjective is one of the parts of speech, which words, describes, or modifies a noun or a pronoun such for example pretty…. ugly…. old ….. young …. blue… round…… etc. It usually answers the details or question of “which one?”, “how many?”, “what kind?”. Here are examples of Sentences with 2 Adjectives. Adjectives in this sample can be words that describe the qualities or state being of the subject or the noun or pronoun such as for example noisy, old, boring, green, round, small, huge, etc. It also modifies the quantity of a noun, such as for example many thousands, millions, one, ten, etc. 

In the sentences below, observe that the adjective or the words that describe preceded a noun or a pronoun. Note that an adjective in a sentence could either be a single word, two, three, or more to modify the subject it pertains to. The example below are sentences with two (2) adjectives only.

Example of Sentences with 2 Adjectives

  1. He gave me two lovely flowers, one is white the other is red.
  2. She looks like an ugly old hag with that costume.
  3. The three big man were looking for their lost dog. 
  4. The playroom has five round plastic chairs and tables.
  5. It was a rainy cold night when she left home to fetch her grandma at the airport.
  6. I saw that beautiful tiny bird fall from the tree because of its broken wing.
  7. Dad brought me a sweet Japanese chocolate.
  8. Their old wooden furniture can be sold in a high price now.
  9. That little red riding hood was chased by the big bad wolf.
  10. I used to listen to soft melancholic music whenever I get bored.
  11. The ferocious wave of the ocean rattled the ship.
  12. Ramon received a shiny brand new car as gift from his employer.
  13. This night is amazing with the million shining stars in the sky.
  14. I met a handsome young guy in that party last night.
  15. They were attacked by the huge black bear while on mountain hike, fortunately they’ve escaped.
  16. We went fishing yesterday, we just brought with us our handmade bamboo fishing rod.
  17. Ten graceful dancers presented their fabulous ballet dance in front of the museum. 
  18. All skilled learners were selected to join the archery competition next week.
  19. Her mother will cook a luscious, appetizing dinner for us tonight.
  20. We shouldn’t be late for the grand, enormous welcome party for the king.
  21. My friend was married to a tall Korean businessman she just met in a social media.
  22. He has a million ambitious dreams but none of which he achieve. 
  23. She had three intelligent siblings enrolled in the prestigious university. 
  24. That disgusting stinky odor made this place isolated and never been visited by anyone.
  25. Go, rest your tired sleepy eyes so you can better read tomorrow.
  26. Let’s have a cup of hot aromatic tea before we go bed.
  27. The criminal brutally murdered his friend because of envy.
  28. The song writer made a sentimental lyric of the song.
  29. The newscaster reported several important news about the plan of the government to respond to economic inflation.
  30. Her blue wide eyes made her look like a British nationality.
  31. Her long black hair makes her different from her classmates.
  32. The charming yellow kitten purrs whenever it gets hungry.
  33. He made a careful, intelligent plan for his college career in the next two years.
  34.  She looks good with that beautiful long dress.
  35. We almost missed our class for watching that exciting French movie.
  36.  Can you buy me a gold diamond ring?
  37.  That examination was extremely difficult.
  38.  Mr. Robert is a well-educated, well-respected person in their community.
  39.  The Police carefully investigated the crime yet found no trace of the suspect.
  40.  My family went out of town for a vacation last week. We stayed in an elegant, serene beach resort.
  41.  Liza and Roan visited the beautiful, famous flower garden in the city.
  42.  When we were young our father use to carry us on his strong, sturdy shoulder and it would always keep us giggling and laughing.
  43.  Her modern fashioned clothes designs makes her well-known.
  44.  In studying a law you must have a consistent love for reading.
  45. My mom’s unconditional love rescued me.
  46.  I love that delicious square chocolate mousse cake you’ve baked on my birthday.
  47.  The teacher warned her student about their indecent and distractive behavior inside the school campus.
  48. Early in the morning, several young bikers group together for a mountain hike for a tree planting program.
  49. A lot of beautiful tall trees were cut down due to the road widening program of the government.
  50. Ayah was the youngest and the prettiest among the siblings.
  51. I saw the colorful and beautiful rainbow after that heavy rain yesterday.
  52. It’s nice to see the bright shining sunlight overshined my beautiful ornamental flowers.

Printable Examples:

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Adjectives are important word/s in a sentence that will help the reader understand, picture out, identify or imagine the event in the scenario, the details of the subject being talked to, or the quality and quantity of what is being described. Sentences with two (2) adjectives make the writing more detailed, readers can vividly envision what the writer has to say or wants to convey. Furthermore, the emotions and intentions of the writings can be easily expressed by using words that describe or modify the subject (noun or pronoun) which we call “Adjective”. On the other hand, without adjectives, all writings will be ambiguous and of no beauty at all, thoughts or opinions cannot be presented boldly, and feelings and emotions cannot be intensely expressed.

With the example that you have learned, can you now make an example of a sentence with two adjectives? Think of a beautiful experience that you have, and make a sentence describing that event in your life using sentences with 2 adjectives!

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