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Sentences with Xmas (50 Examples)

In this article, we will learn about Xmas. More of this we will also make an example of a “sentences with Xmas”. 

What is Xmas? 

Xmas is an abbreviation for the word Christmas. This letter “X” has the equivalent letter “chi” from the Greeks. The Greek word “chi” is the first letter for “Christos”, which became Christ in English. The gospels of Luke and Mathew which pronounce the story of the Nativity of Jesus Christ were the origin of the story behind the celebration of.

Jesus Christ who was born in the little town of Bethlehem is professed to be the savior of mankind. The scenery of his birth called Nativity is always modeled in a diorama or any figures that resemble the image of his birth. And it becomes one of the most important religious symbols linked.

Example of Sentences using the word “Xmas”

  1.  Xmas is a season of a year, where families reunites each other.
  2. I can hear some Xmas chorus as the celebration is drawing neigh.
  3. Lila likes to be at home on Xmas day.
  4. List down you Xmas wish.
  5. Xmas cards are sold in every mall, maybe I should buy one for mom grandma.
  6. We will be having our family outing at the beach before the Xmas day.
  7. Xmas lights are brightly sparkling in the village that gives life to the environment.
  8. I love to listen to Xmas songs, sung by the traditional singers.
  9. There is always a great reason to celebrate Xmas.
  10. We made an elegant decoration to convey the spirit of Xmas in the hearts of all men.
  11. It will be a blue Xmas, since her husband left for work abroad.
  12. I received a Xmas gift from a long lost friend.
  13. We wish everyone, a happy Xmas and a prosperous new year.
  14. It has been a tradition of people around the world to celebrate Xmas season with decorations such as Xmas tree with lights sparkling around it and boxes of gift beneath its cone-shaped tree.
  15. Allen’s family would always visit their grandparents during Xmas eve.
  16. The whole class enjoyed the celebration of their Xmas party, exchanging gifts and sharing foods to eat.
  17. Robert used to sing in church choir singing Xmas carols during Xmas eve.
  18. Xmas is not about gifts or presents, lights and lanterns but a heart that wants to share the joy of giving to those who are in need.
  19. The Roman calendar marked the 25th of December as the feast celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ called Xmas.
  20. In the valley, I heard the children’s chorus singing Xmas carols with their guitar.
  21. Shortly after the Xmas holidays Laurence told his mother about his plan to propose a marriage to Irene. 
  22. Teacher Maria received a lot of Xmas gift from her dear students.
  23. The beggar was filled with joy when a stranger give him a 500 dollar as a Xmas gift.
  24. To appease his wife who had a troubled feeling with him, he brought an unexpected advance Xmas gift making her so surprised and loved.
  25. The group of friend were laughing finding out what’s inside their gifts after their exchanging of Xmas gifts.
  26. The malls were filled with lights and Xmas decorations to convey the spirit of Xmas in the atmosphere.
  27. The judges were amazed by the huge and beautiful Xmas trees created by each contestant.
  28. Love is the most important reason of Xmas.
  29. During Xmas, people in the Philippines attend the “Simbang Gabi” for 15 days to make their wish come true.
  30. My kids outfitted with Santa Claus attires and share gifts with the poor children in the village on Xmas Eve.
  31. The festivity of Xmas in the Holy Vatican City is very fascinating and reflective
  32. I received a brand new cellphone as Xmas present from my foster parent.
  33. The term “Xmas” originated from the Old English phrase “ Cristes maesse” which means “mass of Christ.”
  34. An elegant Xmas tree stood in front of Doumo of Milan attracts a lot of people.
  35. During the Pandemic, it was a two years silent Xmas.
  36. The sparkling lights in green, yellow, red and blue colors were dazzling in every houses during the Xmas season.
  37. We decorated Xmas lights around the Xmas tree in our house in every Xmas holiday
  38.  My hearts is always filled with joy when Xmas time is coming.
  39. Children in the streets were selling beautiful Xmas lanterns.
  40. I hear the song saying “I’m dreaming of a white Xmas”.
  41. Yesterday, I sent my mother a small Xmas box.
  42. I always remember my mother, who passed away 2 years ago, on how she prepared for the coming of Xmas. 
  43. We have our Xmas retreat before the end of the year.
  44. The company were giving Xmas incentives to their employees.
  45. I was amazed by the fireworks displaying beautiful colors and formations during Xmas Eve. 
  46. The breeze of the air is cold during Xmas season.
  47. The kids are excited for their Xmas vacation.
  48. I believed that Xmas is in the hearts of men.
  49. Xmas time puts fire in our hearts and hope in our eyes.
  50. She hums a Xmas hymn while cooking. 

Printable Examples:

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It is the season celebrated by people around the globe. They said that it’s the time of giving and sharing, forgiving and loving, and promising to do better for others. This season is always inspired by decorations, lights, and lanterns. It is the giving of gifts and presents. It is the most important time of the year. Lots of members of the family would always return home and be reunited with their grandparents, parents, sibling, and other relatives. It is the most awaited time for children who would love to see fireworks displaying their amazing formation and colors. There’s a lot more to be excited about this season. If you want to get more examples of a sentence, I suggest that you read this article too.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning to make sentences with Xmas!

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