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Will Vs Shall | 100+ Sentences of will and shall

Will and shall are two modal verbs used to show the future tense. Here is a comparison (will vs shall) and 100+ sentences of will and shall, so that you can understand them better.

Will vs Shall

The uses of the modal verbs ‘will’ and ‘shall’ are sometimes a bit confusing. It isn’t always clear when to use shall and when to use will. This is especially true in writing, where it is easy to confuse your readers if you get these words wrong.

In this article, we will look at how they are used with examples so that you can understand them better.

  • Will and shall are two modal verbs used to show the future tense.
  • “Shall” is used to indicate a promise or a threat, while “will” can be used for making promises or threats.
  • Both help in talking about the present, as well.

It’s important to learn different uses of will and shall in order to be more precise while expressing one’s thoughts.

Usage of WillExamples
Will can be used to make polite suggestionsJohn, will you pass the salt?
Will is used to make polite requestsWill you help me with my homework?
Will is used to make predictions and give adviceClifford, I will lend you my dictionary later if you need it.
Will is used to say what one expects or thinks will happenI will fail my exams unless I start studying now.
Will is used to talk about what one wantsI will always love you.
Usage of ShallExamples
“Shall” is a modal auxiliary of “will”:
It’s used to make predictions about the future.
I thought you shall be joining us.
Shall is used to show determination.We shall meet our deadline.
Shall is used with first-person to show the certainty of an action that will take place in the near future.I shall start my paper tomorrow.
We shall meet him for lunch at 12.
Shall is used to make suggestions.He shall run the marathon!
Shall is used to make promises voluntarily. I shall buy you a new computer for your birthday present.

Hopefully, you will be able to differentiate between “will” and “shall” with the help of the above comparison.

Will Vs Shall use in examplesPin
Will Vs Shall use in examples

Sentences of will and shall

Affirmative Sentences of Will

  1. It is evident that she has been at fault and will be severely punished.
  2. You will be called upon to work long hours.
  3. You will never succeed unless you persevere.
  4. Our team will put in a lot of effort.
  5. I am sure that the work we produce will be of high quality and meet all deadlines.
  6. I will clean the house tomorrow.
  7. You will sleep during the movie.
  8. We will go to Paris this year.
  9. He will finish it before you come back.
  10. They will come in at 9pm.
  11. The kids will study after dinner.
  12. Mom will stay overnight at the hotel.
  13. They will get a pay rise next month.
  14. She will be home soon.
  15. You will write the report after lunch.
  16. He will give you his car if you ask him.
  17. You will be a designer one day.
  18. We were there yesterday, and we will be there tomorrow too!
  19. I will buy a new car next month.
  20. He will get lost on the way home.
  21. She will see you now, George.
  22. What time is it in Japan? Japan time will be 6 hours ahead of us (6 hours west).
  23. You will like it.
  24. She will get an A+ on the test, for sure.
  25. There will be enough money to do what I need to do next month.
  26. I will buy a new computer as soon as I can afford one.
  27. We will have a huge dinner and lots of cake!
  28. She will probably go to the movies with her friends tonight.
  29. You will make a mistake if you don’t ask for help.
  30. You will change the tyre of your car regularly.
  31. They will be a little disappointed.
  32. I will leave as soon as my work is done.
  33. They will build a bridge across the river in the summer holidays next year.
  34. We will leave this town soon.
  35. I will try to be there for your birthday celebration.

Negative Sentences of Will

  1. They will not come home tonight.
  2. He will not be able to join us on vacation.
  3. She will not take care of it.
  4. My wife said that she will not give me any more money for clothes.
  5. I will not use public transport.
  6. We will not go out on weekends the three months.
  7. You are very friendly, but I will not depend on you.
  8. They will not come when they can.
  9. We will not use the old table in the new apartment.
  10. The car will not pass the test.

Interrogative Sentences of Will

  1. Will you advise me a little in that matter?
  2. What will the weather be like today?
  3. Will everybody be discussing it?
  4. Will I know where to turn to for help?
  5. Will you be ready by then?
  6. Will she go to the movie?
  7. Will he cook meals every night?
  8. Will they be at the meeting on time?
  9. Will they go to London in July?
  10. Will you be happy for him?

Sentences of Shall

  1. You shall clean my car and I will go on vacation.
  2. He shall do his homework now.
  3. We shall be watching TV now.
  4. They shall get into trouble one day.
  5. John promised to give me more time with him and we shall make a plan tonight.
  6. She says that she shall be there at 8 o’clock sharp.
  7. She shall bring the files to work on Wednesday.
  8. You shall catch up on all your work today.
  9. You shall please your teachers.
  10. We shall reduce costs.
  11. They shall travel to Berlin.
  12. David shall do the exercises.
  13. You shall be a good boy and study hard.
  14. Few boys shall refuse a dare from their friends.
  15. We shall live in a small suburb.
  16. You shall never leave!
  17. They shall be punished.
  18. You shall do this for me, or you shall be punished too.
  19. They shall not pass!
  20. We shall be looking out for it.
  21. You shall make it work.
  22. She shall understand the situation.
  23. A day later I shall have met my deadline.
  24. You shall go to the ball.
  25. You shall not go to the ball.
  26. I shall feed the dog.
  27. I shall water the flowers later.
  28. I shall be eligible for the prize.
  29. It shall rain in the morning.
  30. You shall come to classes early.
  31. I shall call at five o’clock.
  32. They shall finish within a week.
  33. This sauce shall be delicious.
  34. We shall meet next month if we have time.
  35. I am sure that you are honest, and I shall always trust you.
  36. She shall soon solve the problem.
  37. We shall order their arrest.
  38. They shall be given a chance to defend themselves.
  39. She shall move into her new office today.
  40. I want to talk to you about your grades and I am sure that shall turn them around.
  41. They are going to offer a course on flower arranging and I think you shall enjoy it.

Negative Sentences of Shall

  1. You all have to sign this petition since you shall be living in our city.
  2. I shall not eat it, OK?
  3. You shall not do that.
  4. You shall not fail in this task.
  5. You shall not force your opinion on me!

Interrogative Sentences of Shall

  1. Shall we make it on time?
  2. Shall people use this new tool?
  3. Shall we see her tomorrow?
  4. Shall we be rewarded for honesty?
  5. Shall you meet the required standards?

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