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Useful English Idioms Related to Problems

Problems come in many different shapes and sizes. We can have big problems or small ones, personal problems or work-related ones. To discuss these problems in our daily conversation, we use idioms related to problems.

Idioms Related to Problems

Idioms are a huge part of our everyday language, but how many of us really know what they mean? Most of the time, we just memorize them because they sound good or they’re easy to remember. But if you really want to understand idioms and how they work, you’ve got to dig deeper. Here are some common ones to get you started:

Sr.#Idioms Related to ProblemsMeaning
1Add fuel to the fireTo make a bad situation worse.
2Blow off some steamTo relieve stress or anger by doing something physical.
3On thin iceIn a risky situation.
4The proof of the pudding is in the eatingYou can only judge something by trying it or using it.
5Make a mountain out of a molehill To make a big deal out of something small.
6Throw in the towelTo give up
7I’m pulling your legI’m joking with you
8Speak of the devil!The person we were just talking about has arrived
9Get your ducks in a rowTo get everything organized
10When pigs flyNever going to happen
11To be in the same boat as someoneTo have a similar problem or situation. For example, if several people are having problems finding jobs, they might say “We’re all in the same boat.”
12To fly off the handleIf somebody flies off the handle, it means that they become angry very quickly and uncontrollably.
13To take one’s hat off to someone/somethingThis idiom is used to show respect for someone or something by removing one’s hat in admiration or awe at their skills or achievements.
14That hits the spotThat’s exactly what I wanted.
15The squeaky wheel gets the greaseA person who complains about a problem or inconvenience will get more attention than someone who does not complain.
16That’ll be the day!I will never believe that!
17Give me a break! I’ve been working like a dog all day!
18Get off your assDo something; start moving forward.
19Get out of hand Become too big or too difficult to control; get out of control.
20Easy come, easy go!Something that came easily will be taken away easily too.
21Every cloud has a silver lining!Even if things seem bad now, there could be something good in store for you in the future.
22Don’t cry over spilt milkdon’t be upset about something that has happened and can’t be changed now; look forward instead of back at mistakes or regrets from the past
23Too many cooks spoil the brothtoo many people working together end up making things worse than if they’d worked separately
24An elephant in the roomis a problem that no one wants to talk about.
25Be in deep waterThis means that you are in a big problem or difficult situation, and it will be hard to get out of it.
26Hit rock bottomThis means that something has reached its lowest point and will not get any worse.
28In a fixThis means that something has gone wrong and caused problems for someone or something.
29To be slow off the markto be very slow to react or respond
30To turn a blind eyeTo ignore something, when you know it is happening/going on.
31To give someone the cold shoulderThis means that you’re avoiding them and not offering them anything.
Idioms Related to Problems
Idioms Related to Problems with meaningPin
Idioms Related to Problems

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