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RUN INTO Sentences (50 Examples)

Run into sentences

  1. We will have to wait to see what happens because these situations can sometimes run into trouble.
  2. The ship didn’t run into any difficulties for the rest of its journey.
  3. If we don’t start soon, we will run into problems.
  4. Kate realized that they would run into each other if they took the subway.
  5. You might run into some delays in your journey.
  6. Honestly, you run into this same issue when translating from any language to English.
  7. Sometimes it is interesting how some people you run into are not who you would expect to see.
  8. I run into him every once and a while at the store; he works just down the street from where I live.
  9. I was exhausted when I arrived at the hotel since I had run into traffic during my commute from the airport.
  10. It is important to carry proof of identification (e.g., passport) as you run into situations where it is required.
  11. Run into him at the movie theatre last week.
  12. I hardly ever run into any of my old coworkers because we all went in different directions after college.
  13. You may have to run into a few “no” s when looking for work, but don’t let that discourage you.
  14. You’ve run into the same problem I have with that car; it’s a lemon!
  15. If you run into any problems with your website, feel free to contact us by email or phone.
  16. There is a chance we’ll run into them at the event
  17. I run into Karen in town.
  18. A friend of mine was recently promoted to captain of the ship which he had run into a ground only a few years ago.
  19. We’ll run into each other again at the party tonight.
  20. We’ll have to find another place to meet – we are going to run into each other here tomorrow morning.
  21. Whenever I run into him, he always seems to be in trouble.
  22. If you don’t give your house plants enough water, you run into problems.
  23. We will run into him at the restaurant.
  24. You may run into problems when you go to buy the tickets.
  25. When you paint your house, be careful not to run into your neighbor accidentally.
  26. Make sure to run into Jessica; she can be an invaluable source of information.
  27. The meeting was a complete disaster; they would run into people who disagreed with them.
  28. I should probably run into my boss and tell him about the situation.
  29. We have run into a legal issue. Can you help us understand what we need to do?
  30. Don’t run into debt buying things you think you cannot live without; this will only make you miserable when you can’t afford them.
  31. It would help if you were careful when choosing stocks so that your choice doesn’t run into trouble from now on.
  32. At the office party, you run into your boss’s boss and give her a hug.
  33. I run into traffic when driving to work, which is rare for me on a Tuesday morning.
  34. It’s challenging to keep track of contacts you have met in person to link them with those from your database because you frequently run into people.
  35. In a small town, you’re likely to run into someone you know in almost every place you go.
  36. Let’s run into the restaurant over there for some lunch.
  37. We’ve run into lots of delays and cost overruns on the project.
  38. I’ll only be there for five minutes; run into them if you want to meet again.
  39. We need to run into them sometime; let’s make a plan to meet tomorrow.
  40. If it rains tomorrow, I’ll run into my office and return home again.
  41. I hope we don’t run into any trouble while trying to get this project off the ground!
  42. James and his brother run into their friend Jack at the airport.
  43. Some problems had run into the design of the new building.
  44. Unfortunately, you may run into problems while trying to access the Internet at hotels or airports worldwide.
  45. I will have to run into the city, so could you look after the kids?
  46. My friends and I run into each other a lot at coffee shops.
  47. We have run into people that we know on the ski lift.
  48. It seems like everyone will run into that same person lately.
  49. Because we’re going on vacation, someone will have to run into the office weekly for supplies and mail.
  50. Have you ever run into any problems working with old equipment?
  51. The system may run into a few problems from time to time, but nothing too serious.

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