What are Different Writing Styles

What are Different Writing Styles?

The style of your writing can make or break a reader’s experience. Different writing styles can be used for different purposes. The purpose of your writing will usually determine the best style to use. For example, a persuasive essay needs to be written in a way that makes it easy for readers to understand and accept your points. A narrative or descriptive piece of writing should be interesting and engaging.

Persuasive Writing 

Persuasive writing is any type of text that aims to convince readers about a particular issue or action by providing reasons for doing so. The goal of persuasive writing is not only for the writer’s message to be understood but also for it to be accepted by his/her audience.

Persuasive writing should be distinguished from informative writing, which provides factual information but does not attempt to persuade.


  • Letters of recommendation
  • cover letters
  • Editorial newspaper articles

Narrative Writing  

Narrative writing is a type of nonfiction literature in which the writer describes events in chronological order. It is often used to tell stories or describe events that happened in the past or fictional ones that could have happened but didn’t actually take place in real life.

Narrative pieces often have a plot and characters who change over time as the story progresses through different stages until reaching its conclusion.

For example, you might write about yourself as you grow up from childhood into adulthood, or you might write about an imaginary character who travels through time from one historical period to another.


  • Short stories
  • historical writing
  • novels 

Expository Writing

Expository writing is the kind of writing you do to explain things. It can be a description of a process, an explanation of how something works, or an account of a historical event. The purpose is to inform readers by making them understand things they didn’t know before.

When you write expository text, you need to use clear language and descriptive details so the reader can understand what you’re saying. You also need to provide evidence that supports your point so readers will trust your argument or opinion.


  • How to articles
  • textbooks
  • news stories
  • business or scientific writing

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is writing that lets readers experience a subject or environment through the writer’s words. It evokes feelings, creates mental images and leaves a lasting impression on readers. Although its primary purpose is to describe, it can also include stories, narratives and poetry.

Descriptive writing differs from other forms of writing in that it focuses on sensory details, rather than the plot or story line. Descriptive writing takes time and effort to produce because it requires the writer to carefully select words that capture the essence of his subject matter. To write an effective descriptive passage, you need to be able to conjure up mental images of your subject in your reader’s mind without being overly wordy or overly vague.

The purpose of descriptive writing is to paint a picture with words


  • Poetry
  • fictional novels or plays
  • memoirs
What are Different Writing Styles
What are Different Writing Styles

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