5 Word Sentences (138 Examples)

A sentence is a group of words containing a subject (the topic in the sentence) and a predicate (the word that describes the subject) and brings a message as a whole. It expresses thoughts in varied forms such as statements, questions or inquiries, commands or instructions, and an exclamation in expressing emotions. In writing, the first word of the sentence usually begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark that could be a period (.), question mark (?), or exclamatory point (!). There are four types of sentences namely: Declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. In this writing, you are going to learn from the examples of five (5) words sentences. Observe that each sentence varies its meaning depending on how it was delivered. Learn also to identify which type of sentences it would be.

Examples of Five (5) Word Sentences

  1. The flower is brightly blooming.
  2. The sun is shining luminously.
  3. The baby is crying deafeningly.
  4. I will wait for you.
  5. I have a great mother
  6. We have a nice home.
  7. Will you go with me?
  8. What is your dog’s name?
  9. The milk is already spoiled.
  10. We ate a hot soup.
  11. Don’t forget to remember Laura!
  12. Crocodiles ate the whole zebra.
  13. You can’t drive my car.
  14. Guess who’s coming right here.
  15. Fly high like a bird. 
  16. We went to Grandmas’ house.
  17. I see you smile again!
  18. Vegetable dish is my favorite.
  19. Can you play a guitar?
  20. Can you sing a song? 
  21. Soon we will rise again.
  22. I’m working my entire life.
  23. You just follow the leader.
  24. Help me make it fast.
  25. This perfume smells very strong.
  26. I saw you this morning.
  27. I am younger than you.
  28. I’ve never been here before.
  29. It’s not yours, it’s mine!.
  30. Did you find the cat?
  31. The river was very deep.
  32. Who’s going with you?
  33. I don’t know which way?
  34. I am very hungry now.
  35. Please give me your number.
  36. He is sixty years old.
  37. The gas’ price increase again.
  38. Are you talking to me?
  39. I found a men’s wallet.
  40. Street people sleep at midnight.
  41. Come over to my party.
  42. It’s a nice contemporary music.
  43. Which road did you take?
  44. That mansion is so elegant.
  45. I have a lot of friends.
  46. The car belongs to Grandpa.
  47. Would you like a cake?
  48. I will call you tonight.
  49. Send me a message later.
  50. My computer is not working.
  51. Who is your favorite president?
  52. Has anybody visited the office?
  53. Did you take a picture?
  54. Do you like an adventure?
  55. They are very nice family.
  56. Let’s play some parlor games.
  57. He is a good singer.
  58. Do you eat Potato chips?
  59. That bird is flying high.
  60. I live in the country.
  61. That was a bright opinion!
  62. This store is always close.
  63. I overheard what they’re talking.
  64. I’m one hour late now.
  65. The baby pee right here.
  66. Just keep on holding tight.
  67. How often do you travel?
  68. Your mother adopted that baby.
  69. It’s all that I have.
  70. Let me count it again.
  71. Hurry up! Go get her.
  72. We lit the light on.
  73. He is an angry man.
  74. Dad is a good artist.
  75. I can manage myself better.
  76. They’re looking at the map.
  77. Let’s have a coffee together.
  78. Are done with your homework?
  79. I like your new hair.
  80. It is a big celebration!
  81. I am not feeling good.
  82. That scares me a lot.
  83. Tell us about your story.
  84. I was absent last week.
  85. Amazing! You arrived very quickly.
  86. She care about her family!
  87. Dina is exhausted with problem!
  88. Do you know that man?
  89. The rain is so heavy.
  90. This is a peaceful village.
  91. What is your nickname then?
  92. Let’s swim at the beach.
  93. This place make me warm.
  94. This sofa is very comfortable.
  95. I lost my bag and Phone.
  96. The sun is very hot.
  97. Why are you so rude?
  98. The city is full of garbage.
  99. What is your native language?
  100. His coat is very luxurious.
  101. I wrote a love letter.
  102. Why did you broke him?
  103. What a waste of time!
  104. He left the country yesterday.
  105. Don’t break the golden rule.
  106. I love to eat cakes.
  107. That shape is perfectly drawn.
  108. The smoke is rising up.
  109. The cargo ship is huge.
  110. Will you clean the kitchen?
  111. My dogs like to dance.
  112. Is he courting you daughter?
  113. Let’s go and play outside.
  114. I’m sorry, to hear that.
  115. What happen? Why you’re here?
  116. I love this colorful garden.
  117. Don’t you lie to me?
  118. She is a strict teacher.
  119. I will return this book.
  120. Don’t pick some flowers here.
  121. What is your favorite subject?
  122. Write ten sentences about friends.
  123. I forgot my small umbrella.
  124. That exam was very hard.
  125. I can’t help him today.
  126. Winter is coming, let’s prepare.
  127. Do you know sign language?
  128. Teenagers are callous and wild.
  129. Her grandma patiently raised her.
  130. Any question before I go?
  131. I hate you! Go away!
  132. This is my last penny.
  133. You need legs to walk.
  134. My head is always aching.
  135. Just close the door slowly.
  136. Did you remember your dog?
  137. Can you help me her?
  138. Reading is my favorite hobby?

Printable Examples:

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It is easy to construct five (5) word sentences. And when words are combined together they make meanings and express messages. Now, you have to try to make your own example of sentences with the combination of five simple words.

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