Examples of Common Nouns - 50 SentencesPin

Examples of Common Nouns | 50 Sentences

Examples of Common Nouns (50 Common Noun Sentences)

Bold words in the sentences indicate the common nouns.

  1. How many books are there in the library?
  2. Only learning is not of much value unless you possess the physical strength.
  3. His speech was impeded by the laughter of the audience.
  4. James looked at the window greying into dusk.
  5. He comes from a noble family.
  6. She alighted from the train.
  7. This watch belongs to Tom.
  8. She said that she was going home.
  9. Many stars are bigger than earth.
  10. She goes to college on foot.
  11. This town is so beautiful and green.
  12. My office is ten miles away from my home.
  13. This street is not well paved.
  14. He likes fruits over fast food.
  15. Do you like horse riding?
  16. Some students do not reach their natural academic boundary.
  17. The old man was wandering in the street.
  18. He often walks along the river.
  19. How did the earth come into being?
  20. I heard a voice when I leaned against the parapet.
  21. He spent one hour walking on the bridge.
  22. He came to the office with a heavy head.
  23. I use wooden tables in my office.
  24. He often spends his weekends sitting on the sand of the beach.
  25. Tom welcomed the guest at the party.
  26. The kids are playing in the park.
  27. We visited the zoo last week.
  28. Her mother is a government officer.
  29. I used to live in this city 5 years ago.
  30. Donald Trump visited different countries during his tenure as a president.
  31. The presidential candidate addressed all the voters.
  32. She is teaching English in this school.
  33. I love to play with my parrot.
  34. Have you ever enjoyed swimming in the river?
  35. Come, Alex, let’s go to the park.
  36. The lake is close to my house.
  37. To which country do you belong?
  38. Do you watch movies on weekend?
  39. She has two brothers.
  40. Turtle is an aquatic reptile with flippers.
  41. My uncle gifted me a beautiful wallet on my birthday.
  42. My hair is brown.
  43. The sheep are grazing in the field.
  44. The cat is sitting on the roof.
  45. The baby is playing with toys.
  46. Tom lives on the fourth floor of the apartment.
  47. Why did you break my mug?
  48. The businessman was happy with the growth of his business.
  49. The mechanic fixed my car.
  50. Johnson is a bike lover.
Examples of Common Nouns - 50 SentencesPin
Examples of Common Nouns – 50 Sentences

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  1. Is parish (as in like the Christian) a common or proper noun? Please give me a definite answer. Your answer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. GOD bless you and your loved ones. May your souls be saved.

    1. Parish is a common noun. It has no corresponding proper noun. Further, its definition (you may consult any dictionary) reflects its usage in a general sense.

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