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Sentences of Alliteration (35 Examples)

Alliteration is a word or phrase that begins with the same consonant sound as another word close to it. Alliteration Examples are used for the purpose of adding emphasis.

Alliteration is a type of literary device that uses the repetition of similar consonant sounds in closely packed phrases. For example, the words bold and brass, which have the same sound. Alliteration is generally used for the purpose of adding interest to language or to create a musical effect that helps to emphasize a certain point.

For example,

The bassinet was bedecked with bright, brilliant blankets and bows.

Sentences of Alliteration

These example sentences will help you to understand the alliteration.

  1. The Ant and the Aardvark are awesome animals
  2. Alligator Adventure Park is a big business
  3. Alligator eggs are expensive to raise.
  4. All ages admire alphabet adventures
  5. Brick buildings and body bags.
  6. Classic cars and con artists.
  7. Criminal charges for corruption.
  8. Crisp shirts and curious customers.
  9. Delayed delivery and dangerous drivers.
  10. Dull evenings with decadent desserts.
  11. Enormous effort for everyday electrical work.
  12. Extravagant events with expensive extras.
  13. Batman’s boundless bravery.
  14. The busy mom’s bright blue bike.
  15. Dylan’s double curly dog.
  16. Edward’s empty echoey house.
  17. Fred’s free flowing fingers from forks and frosting.
  18. George’s giant green gummi worm.
  19. Hannah’s huge hairstyle for her head of hair.
  20. After the accident, Alex stays away from apples.
  21. Bumble Bee is very busy.
  22. Chad calls Charlie and Connie comes to visit.
  23. Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
  24. Brian bought bread from the bakery for lunch.
  25. Betty bought blue balloons for her birthday party.
  26. Billy built a bonfire to burn the broken toys that Bill had thrown away.
  27. Black birds flew back to their black branches.
  28. Clementine climbed up the climbing frame at the children’s playground.
  29. Crickets chirped quietly in the cool clear creek every summer.
  30. The graceful gazelle grazes on the great green grass.
  31. My favorite fruit fly, flies first class.
  32. The lazy little lizard lounged in the late afternoon sunshine.
  33. The lingering leprechaun strolled through the lost lily pond.
  34. The lucky lumberjack leapfrogged over lazy Laurie Lengel.
  35. The lonely llama limped lazily along the lonely mountain trail.
Sentences of Alliteration (35 Examples)Pin
Sentences of Alliteration (35 Examples)

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