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61 Example Sentences with Zealous

Zealous describes a person who is determined, enthusiastic, and energetic while doing their job. Zealous people have a very high professional motivation and they try to maintain their high standards at all times. See 61 example sentences with zealous.

Sentences with Zealous

  1. The children were zealous in their praise of the play.
  2. Everyone was zealous in their support of the city’s new mayor.
  3. He wanted to run a zealous campaign against his competitor.
  4. They were very zealous about their work.
  5. The worker was injured, but he kept a zealous spirit.
  6. The business was founded during the depression, but it never lost its zealous attitude toward expansion and innovation.
  7. Zealous devotion to the cause showed in his every word and action.
  8. The subject of the story was known for his zealous work habits.
  9. When Henry took up endurance racing, he approached it with a zealous attitude.
  10. He felt a zealous sense of duty pulling at him.
  11. He was zealous about his career.
  12. He was certainly zealous about the sport.
  13. The princess was very zealous about her craft.
  14. She came off as a little too zealous.
  15. He’s not so zealous to take on this role himself.
  16. The customer was very zealous about getting the product to work.
  17. The customer representative was quite zealous in explaining the warranty on the machine.
  18. I was immoderately zealous about my plans for the offer.
  19. You are too zealous about publishing your work.
  20. My grandma was freshly zealous about her latest hobby.
  21. Your brother is zealous enough about cricket!
  22. I think you are too zealous about this idea.
  23. You look utterly zealous!
  24. He is wholly zealous for his performance.
  25. The candidates are deeply zealous to win in next election.
  26. I’ve zealous enthusiasm for our cause – which is why I work long hours every week.
  27. He was coming again, at the head of a zealous mob.
  28. But he might as well live up to his confessed title and give the players a decent education too. What’s he so zealous about?
  29. I am zealous about my chess game.
  30. Zealous prosecutors have been known to overcharge people to force them to plead guilty.
  31. He was released with a ferocious and zealous defense of his violent crime.
  32. Don’t you think this reaction seems a little too zealous?
  33. A well-known public health official has called for more zealous action against smoking in apartments across the state.
  34. I am a zealous person, and I always pursue my goals with great zeal.
  35. A zealous person does not have time for those who don’t show the same enthusiasm for his hobbies.
  36. He has been zealous about volunteering for 3 years.
  37. You need to be zealous about performance at work if you want to get ahead.
  38. The customers were so zealous that they bought out the entire stock of $10,000 worth of product in less than 15 minutes!
  39. An entrepreneur is a zealous visionary who can take the vision and make it happen.
  40. She is a very zealous employee.
  41. I am zealous in my pursuit of art.
  42. He made a zealous attempt to win her love.
  43. The police are looking for someone who is zealous about cars and trucks.
  44. He is seen as a zealous statesman within the party.
  45. Zealous coverage of the protest was splashed across the front page in a tone both colorful and zestful.
  46. Everyone in the room witnessed her zealous and zany antics.
  47. She is a zealous worker whose hard work ethic is contagious to everyone she meets.
  48. The media has been criticized for their zealous coverage of the presidential election.
  49. I zealous him to the top of the Eiffel tower.
  50. I’m zealous to start my new job at the end of this month.
  51. I was too zealous and painted the house a bright red. I must have been suffering from heatstroke!
  52. The zealous man was too quick to accuse.
  53. It’s a zealous government employee who is always on the lookout for fraud.
  54. Speaker John Smith was known as a very zealous man when speaking out in favor of animal rights.
  55. It’s zealous but effective advertising that gets people talking about your product.
  56. The careful and zealous review will present a thorough record to help the court make its determination.
  57. Despite his zealous pursuit of science, he completed his medical studies in just 5 years.
  58. At the time, her comments were considered inappropriate, but due to her zealous approach to certain issues, some found her to be passionate about her position.
  59. My own opinion is that I am ruthlessly defending my friend, and I am zealous in proving that she was completely innocent of any wrongdoing.
  60. We had never seen him so zealous on a campaign trail.
  61. It would be best to strive to be zealous about what you do so that your performances come off as genuine and sincere.
Example Sentences with ZealousPin
Example Sentences with Zealous

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