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50 Sentences of Verb

50 Sentences of Verb

In these sentences, we have used different forms of the verb. If you want to know more about verbs, you can see this post: Types of Verbs and Examples

  1. I’ll buy you a book.
  2. She likes to plant roses.
  3. Do not lose heart; you will get through the exam.
  4. Let’s go for a morning walk.
  5. I saw an older man strolling in the street.
  6. He has been reading a novel since morning.
  7. Why did you come to the party late?
  8. The children had a lot of fun in the park.
  9. We have done our job.
  10. Do you prefer a book of poetry or stories of adventure?
  11. Sports are an essential part of a healthy life.
  12. You did your duty diligently.
  13. He was shivering from the cold.
  14. The doctor is feeling the patient’s pulse.
  15. The farmer was working hard to level the land.
  16. Would you like some tea?
  17. She thanked me for what I had done.
  18. I take exercise daily.
  19. When I went out, the weather was perfect.
  20. Bob is enjoying his summer vacation in Europe.
  21. They do know this matter.
  22. You look lazy today۔
  23. I spent last Sunday at the beach.
  24. Do you have enough money to start a business?
  25. I have been sleeping all night.
  26. They came here later than I.
  27. I have eaten a little.
  28. Does she like coffee?
  29. Do you know how to speak French?
  30. When I get back, they will be eating lunch.
  31. He could not join the party due to his busy schedule.
  32. The cool breeze is blowing.
  33. Reading books is a healthy hobby to spend leisure time.
  34. I shall go to the prison to give him some books.
  35. We can make cakes using eggs and milk.
  36. The apple tastes sweet.
  37. She watches television every day at 7 o’clock.
  38. There were many kinds of people in the crowd.
  39. Australian Sheep provides high-quality wool.
  40. The farmer is sowing the crop.
  41. John is painting the door.
  42. She goes to college every day at 8 o’clock.
  43. He does not know the answer to this question.
  44. The clouds are thundering.
  45. Tina is riding a horse.
  46. The mason was repairing the house.
  47. Shall we have reached the airport by that time?
  48. The sun was shining when we went out.
  49. The professor will be giving a lecture on Political Science.
  50. I have been gardening for many years.
50 Sentences of VerbsPin
50 Sentences of Verbs

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