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50 Sentences of Adverbs

Sentences of Adverb

Adverb of Time Sentences

  1. He came here an hour ago.
  2. You may leave now.
  3. They are late.
  4. Yesterday, I read the novel.
  5. I have already completed this work.
  6. My friend will come tomorrow.

Adverb of Place Sentences

  1. May I come in?
  2. I’ll go there.
  3. Place the book on the table.
  4. He came forward to put his view on the topic.
  5. He moved towards the South.

Adverb of Frequency Sentences

  1. Always respect your teachers.
  2. I go to the hill station frequently.
  3. I often go to the park for a morning walk.
  4. Bob failed again but never gave up.
  5. He usually avoids gatherings.

Adverb of Number Sentences

  1. I go to the library once a week.
  2. Firstly, this car is very costly.
  3. Secondly, you can not buy this car.
  4. I go to the bank twice a month.
  5. Finally, the meeting ended with a vote of thanks.

Adverb of Manner Sentences

  1. The dog ran fast after the cat.
  2. The boy worked hard to pass the exam.
  3. She spoke loudly to attract the audience’s attention.
  4. You can speak English well.
  5. The lion ate the meat greedily.

Adverb of Degree or Quality Sentences

  1. He is rather sad.
  2. I am fully prepared.
  3. They have a half chance of winning the game.
  4. I have little money to go there.
  5. He is very enthusiastic.
  6. I have almost done the work.
  7. You are totally wrong.

Adverb of Reason Sentences

  1. He didn’t work hard; therefore, he failed in the examination.
  2. He did good preparation for the exam, so he got succeeded.
  3. He is not only charming but also clever.
  4. She joined the English Speaking Course in order to improve her skills.
  5. Since it is cold, he is shivering.

Adverb of Affirmation or Negation Sentences

  1. I don’t smoke.
  2. Yes, I’ll do your work.
  3. Certainly, I can do this work.
  4. I will never accept your dictation.
  5. He has truly amazing personality.
  6. It really was an amazing tour.

Interrogative Adverb Sentences

  1. When do you get up?
  2. How did you solve this question?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Why did you come here?
  5. Where were you last night?

Relative Adverb Sentences

  1. I know the time when he comes.
  2. This is the house where I lived before.
  3. I’ll tell you the way how you should do this work.
  4. Can you tell me the reason why he didn’t come here?

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50 Sentences of AdverbsPin
50 Sentences of Adverbs

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