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Sentences of Adjectives (50 Examples)

Sentences of Adjectives

Sentences of Adjectives of Quality

  1. Brutus was an ideal man of Rome.
  2. I have a white cow.
  3. I am black.
  4. Rita is an ideal wife.
  5. Tom is a naughty boy.

Sentences of Proper Adjective

  1. I like Chinese toys.
  2. The English language is not very difficult.
  3. Indian farmers are very hard workers.
  4. Americans like hamburgers.
  5. The Brazilian Team won the soccer world cup five times.

Sentences of Interrogative Adjective

  1. Whose son are you?
  2. What things do you want?
  3. Which book do you like most?
  4. Whose bike is this?
  5. What do you like for lunch?

Sentences of Possessive Adjective

  1. You are my friend.
  2. Sita has completed her work.
  3. I am satisfied with your work.
  4. I like her attitude.
  5. It is our collective responsibility to keep the country clean.

Sentences of Demonstrative Adjective

  1. This book is good.
  2. Those flowers are beautiful.
  3. Is that pen not good?
  4. These paintings are mysterious.
  5. These students are very genius.

Sentences of Distributive Adjective

  1. Every boy got a prize.
  2. Every girl enjoyed it.
  3. I bought neither pen.
  4. I shall buy either pen.
  5. Each student was required to complete the assignment.

Sentences of Adjective of Number

  1. I have some books on grammar.
  2. I have no extra pens.
  3. I have taught many boys.
  4. Mr. Washington passed several examinations.
  5. Each of the students will do their work.

Sentences of Adjective of Quantity

  1. Give me some milk.
  2. They have enough good.
  3. I ate some rice.
  4. He has little knowledge.
  5. She ate the whole apple.

Sentences of Emphasizing Adjective

  1. Mind your own business.
  2. I am my own boss.
  3. This is the very man who helped me.
  4. I have seen her with my own eyes.
  5. That very car I wanted to have, and I got it.

Sentences of Exclamatory Adjective

  1. What a boy you are!
  2. What an idea!
  3. What a game!
  4. What a lucky she is!
  5. What a beautiful scene!

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Sentences of Adjective – 50 Examples

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