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Sentences with Although Conjunction (87 Examples)

Although is used as a subordinating conjunction and usually interrupts the flow of the main clause. Here are 87 example sentences with although conjunction.

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Sentences with Although

  1. Although I don’t like broccoli , I’ll eat it for you.
  2. Although the sun was setting, it was still hot.
  3. Although fat, she weighed only 100 pounds.
  4. Although he was very rich, he lived in a small, old house.
  5. Although the team had to endure steep challenges and tough opposition, they made it through obstacles and got back to winning ways.
  6. Although I like her, I didn’t invite her to the party.
  7. Although we don’t currently have any open positions, we’ll keep your application on file and give you a call if we think you’d be a great fit with our team.
  8. Although he was trained in the use of firearms, the accused has no criminal record and is not known to police.
  9. Although we live far apart, we try to spend time together.
  10. Although the governor says the museum will bring in business, many locals are skeptical.
  11. Although she asked to leave early, her supervisor refused her request.
  12. Although the argument is strong, I need to make sure we have enough data to prove it.
  13. Although the first time I used the helmet, it was a little stiff and tight on my head.
  14. Although it lacked a steering wheel and brake pedals, the Virginia driverless car completed a 321-mile trip between Charlottesville and Richmond last week.
  15. Although I hadn’t expected anyone this early, I nevertheless forced a smile.
  16. Although the man was wealthy, he was not happy.
  17. Although we know we shouldn’t sleep with this much square footage in our eyes, we still do it.
  18. Although the price of corn-based ethanol appears to be forever rising, it will continue to be the main renewable fuel.
  19. Although the power is out, you can still complete your homework assignment.
  20. Although I don’t smoke, these cigars are so good.
  21. Although the weather is cool, our climate never causes us to become ill.
  22. Although a terrible cook, he is a good man.
  23. Although the bread looks burnt, it’s actually quite fresh.
  24. Although the sky grew darker, Kyle continued to run.
  25. Although he couldn’t see the trees in front of him, he could hear their leaves rustling in the wind.
  26. Although his feet ached and his lungs burned, he kept pushing forward.
  27. Although the crust appears dark, the bread is actually quite fresh.
  28. Although the outside might seem a little burnt, the inside is actually quite fresh.
  29. Although he was the son of a poor peasant, he managed to succeed because he worked hard.
  30. Although it is hard work, I enjoy practicing my hobby.
  31. Although she was underage and too young to drink, she managed to talk her way into buying alcohol by flirting with the bartender.
  32. Although we fought all day and night, we managed to resolve our differences.
  33. Although I was late, the teacher forgave me.
  34. Although they said not to, I did it anyway.
  35. Although you may think of a bad plan, there’s a good one also.
  36. Although she feels remorseful she can’t apologize.
  37. Although he is a genius, he still has a lot to learn.
  38. Although there were difficulties with the work, Roberts did not want to discuss them.
  39. Although he knew that Phil did not like him, he did not think that there would be any serious problems between them.
  40. Although she asked to speak with her manager, she was told that she should speak with Mr. Jones first.
  41. Although being overweight might be considered unattractive by some people, it is not a cause for concern for the majority.
  42. Although he had lied about his credentials, his experience was impressive enough that they hired him anyway.
  43. Although long, the film kept me entertained until the end of the film.
  44. Although she had never attended a school dance before, Cynthia nevertheless went to her first school dance with great enthusiasm.
  45. Although new to political involvement, Cynthia joined her local Democratic party with gusto.
  46. Although we did not intend to arrive early, we managed to get there before the others.
  47. Although we knew that we would not enjoy it, we decided to go any way.
  48. Although he may be famous, he still works at his job.
  49. Although I had seen it before, it still amazed me when I arrived in Las Vegas.
  50. Although we were tired, we went out to eat.
  51. Although it snowed heavily, we decided to cancel the holiday plans.
  52. Although they waited for two hours, they decided not to see the movie.
  53. Although they said it would snow, we decided to go on holiday.
  54. Although he was exhausted, he had to finish the trip into town.
  55. Although she was really tired, she didn’t go to bed.
  56. Although my friend was feeling really ill, she still made it to work.
  57. Although my daughter is sick, she is still attending all her classes.
  58. Although she couldn’t attend the meeting, my boss still sent his apologies.
  59. Although her training hadn’t started, she decided to start running anyway.
  60. Although the paperwork was complete, they decided to hold off on submitting their application.
  61. Although they have eaten dinner, my kids are still hungry.
  62. Although the rain ruined our picnic, we decided to hike.
  63. Although not yet graded, this coastline is still popular with tourists.
  64. Although Malaysia located on the equator, it actually is a country of multiple climates and vegetation types .
  65. Although angry, Michelle was not going to hit him.
  66. Although angry, Michelle thought it was funny that her brother had a crush on a girl who didn’t even know he existed.
  67. Although angry, Michelle felt really good inside.
  68. Although angry, Michelle smiled at her brother.
  69. Although the economy is not so bad, there are still opportunities to save money.
  70. Although you are not home early, you can talk on the phone with your parents with Skype.
  71. Although I have two tests tomorrow, I think that I will pass with good scores.
  72. Although your daughter is very beautiful, but her grades are very disappointing.
  73. Although my friend Harold has a degree in business, he never works for himself.
  74. Although you have never been to China is not an excuse for not knowing Chinese history.
  75. Although it was snowing, I went outside.
  76. Although he grew up in the city, he loves living in the country.
  77. Although they were late, they still arrived before us.
  78. Although there wasn’t a seat for me, I still wanted to go see the movie.
  79. Although she lives alone, she doesn’t worry – her dog keeps her company.
  80. Although their house is old, it’s still a beautiful home.
  81. Although he had never owned a car, Robert was an excellent driver.
  82. Although the weather was fine, the wind was cold.
  83. Although the team played well, they lost.
  84. Although he knew she would succeed, he was afraid for her.
  85. Although I don’t like him, I admit I respect him.
  86. Although they are nice people, I don’t really want to know them better.
  87. Although she likes to talk, her husband is quiet.
sentences with although conjunctionPin
sentences with although conjunction

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