500 Words Essay on Smoking is bad for healthPin

500 Words Essay on Smoking is bad for health

Essay on Smoking is bad for health

One of the most common problems that is killing people all over the world today is smoking.

This horrible habit cause stress, personal problems and lung problems to many people all over the world.

Some people start it as an exhibition while some people use it to enjoy it.

One smoker can cause another person to smoke, which can lead to addiction. When a person smokes or smokes, he hurts not only himself but also others around him.

Smoking causes many terrible diseases to the human body. Almost everyone knows that smoking causes cancer and heart disease.

Studies have shown that the habit of smoking can shorten a person’s life by about 10 years and this bad habit causes thousands of cigarettes to be smoked every year.

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Obviously, smoking is a very bad habit because tobacco contains nicotine which is highly addictive, and because of which one cannot give up this addiction easily.

Most teenagers use this drink because they want to stay fit. When teenagers see their friends smoking, it becomes clear to them that they look happy or free because of smoking, although this is not the case at all.

The first cause of smoking, which is nicotine, is an addictive and harmful substance in cigarettes. It reduces stress and is thought to calm people who are restless and anxious.

The second most common cause of smoking is “psychological”, which is a very important factor in getting people into the habit. Some children get addicted to it at an early age due to which they have to face serious health issues.

Many people who start smoking are family members or close friends of the person whom they also become addicted to and start smoking.

Smoking is like a slow death. There are various examples of the harms of smoking. Such as smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, and a wide variety of other diseases.

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Smokers have more coughs and colds than non-smokers. In addition to affecting themselves, smokers also have a negative effect on other people around them, which is also called second hand smoking.

Also, pregnant women who are exposed to cigarette smoke have an increased risk of having abnormal babies.

Have you ever thought, what is in cigarettes that is pushing millions of people to smoke every day?

Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 toxins, some of which are: arsenic (found in rat poison), acetic acid (found in hair dye manufacturers), ammonia (found in household cleaners), benzene (found in rubber cement), butane (found in light liquids), carbon monoxide (found in car smoke), hydrazine and methanol (both found in rocket fuels).

Smoking is a habit that people find it difficult to quit. Many people prepare in various ways in an effort to get rid of the habit of months.

Many teenagers smoke due to stress and tension but they do not know how smoking kills them slowly and puts their health at risk. But teenagers don’t think.

Always try to avoid smoking. Keep in mind the consequences before starting it. Smoking is bad for everyone !!!!!!

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