Essay on Why Trees are Important in our LifePin

Essay on Why Trees are Important in our Life

Essay on Why Trees are Important in our life?

A tree is a plant that consists of wood trunk, branches, leaves, and roots. Trees are found in almost every part of the world. Without trees survival of the human being is not possible because they produce oxygen for us. In this essay, we are going to discuss the importance of trees in our life.


Humans are the major beneficiary of nature. After the creation of man, God created many things for the convenience of man. This includes the earth, mountains, sky, sun, moon, stars, vegetables, fruits, river, sea, forest, and trees, etc.


The forests are the part of nature and the great blessing of Allah Almighty. Not only human beings but also other living beings are benefitted from the presence of forests.

Basically forests are the collection of trees. These are the trees which make them forests. The maximum area of a forest is covered by trees.


ٖTrees are the basic element of forests and nature. These can range from few feet to 430 feet in height (ocean redwood is known to be the tallest tree in the world). There are numerous kinds of trees; from food trees to ornamental trees; and from deadliest plants to medicinal plants.

Some Benefits Of Trees

There are countless benefits of trees. We have described some of them.

Source of Oxygen

Trees are the source of oxygen without which we cannot survive.

Source of Foods

Trees are the major source of our foods like various types of vegetables and numerous kinds of fruits. These fruits and vegetables meet our food and nutritional needs.

Source of other human needs

Our wood requirements are also met with trees. We get paper, utensils, toys, furniture, and a lot more other items from the wood provided by the tree. In simple words, we can that most of the human needs are met with trees.

We get flowers from trees and different kinds of plants. Flowers are used in the preparation of fragrance/perfumes besides many other uses.

Save from floods

Trees also protect our land from floods. The area, that has more trees, has fewer chances of floods.

Climate changes

Trees directly affect our climate and ultimately the weather conditions. Trees reduce the temperature by several degrees Fahrenheit through evapotranspiration.

Shelter for lives

Trees also provide shelter to animals and birds. In the forests animals seek shelter under the trees during the hot summer or rainy days. Birds also build their nests at the trees.

Increase the beauty

The area, which is more green and cool, is due to maximum number of trees. Trees and plants also increase the beauty of the earth.

Disadvantages of Tree Loss

As the number of trees on our planet decreases, the pollution in our environment increases, which is making people sick. The hot areas also face a shortage of rainfalls due to lack of trees. Therefore, life in such areas become harsh.

Save Trees

The only way to get all the benefits of trees, we have to plant more and more trees in our homes, towns, cities and countries so as to cater with the needs of human life.

We should not only save the trees already available in our areas but also try to increase their number. This step will be beneficial for us and our futre generations.

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