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Proper Noun Worksheets with Answers

Proper Noun Worksheets

Download the proper nouns worksheet and cut this page along the dotted lines to create your resource stickers. Then, paste them into the columns they belong to.

Proper Noun WorksheetsPin
Proper Noun Worksheets

Look at these five sentences and identify proper used in the sentences.

  1. Tamar has two cats. One of her cats gave birth to three kittens.
  2. The cat shelter has twelve cats. Dev adopted two of them.
  3. A cat followed Soojin home. She already has three cats.
  4. Zander rescued six kittens. His best friend Darryl adopted two of them.
  5. Jada brought three of her cats to the vet. Her friend, Emily, brought two.
Proper Noun WorksheetsPin
Proper Noun Worksheets

Identify proper and common nouns in the given sentences.

  1. George completed his assignment. ( Proper Noun )
  2. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand. ( __________ )
  3. Marie joined this company in 2017. ( __________ )
  4. Do you have ever visited Eiffel Tower? ( __________ )
  5. My friend glanced at his watch. ( __________ )
  6. Bob looked tired and in a hurry. ( __________ )
  7. He read a novel last night. ( __________ )
  8. Tom will spend his vacation at Yellowstone National Park. ( __________ )
  9. Jon had lunch at Olive Garden. ( __________ )
  10. Sara is going shopping in the market. ( __________ )
common and proper noun worksheetPin
common and proper noun worksheet

Download Proper Noun Worksheets pdf

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