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67 Example Sentences with Whom

Some sentences with whom begin with a pronoun (a word that replaces a noun, such as he, them, they, and him). We use it to talk about the subject (the person who does something).

Whom is used as the object of a verb. Here are 67 example sentences using “whom”.

Sentences with Whom

  1. Clare Long is the woman with whom I work.
  2. Mary is the student with whom you spoke last year.
  3. To whom are you speaking?
  4. The person about whom he is talking, is his best friend.
  5. She’s going to be late so whom else can I call?
  6. The winner of the award that whom we don’t know very well will be announced in just a moment.
  7. I didn’t want to give the driver my personal info so I gave him those with whom I was staying.
  8. This store will let you try shoes on but with whom should you go?
  9. A colleague told me whom wrote the report.
  10. Antoun, whom I interviewed, is a wonderful person.
  11. She’s a cripple whom nobody wants to marry.
  12. They treated everyone kindly, especially the old man whom they had saved.
  13. This is the person whom I told you about.
  14. The man to whom you are speaking is my husband.
  15. Whom do you think will win the election?
  16. Whom are you voting for in the election?
  17. The man who forced me down is whom I am talking about.
  18. Whom do you visit on Thanksgiving?
  19. For whom is the bell tolls?
  20. To whom should we give credit for our progress so far?
  21. With whom do you agree on this matter?
  22. She is the speaker for whom we all came here, isn’t she?    
  23. We have to look at what we can do with whom.
  24. To whom is all the furniture paid for?
  25. To whom are these letters addressed?
  26. This question is for whom it may concern.
  27. He is the man whom I gave the money.
  28. The boy whom we met in the coffee shop is visiting us this weekend.
  29. Please show me the girl whom you were talking to.
  30. She is the person with whom I am sharing this office.
  31. The hotel has invited the important guests by whom they want to impress.
  32. She has worked as a teacher for more than 30 years, with whom she had been in several schools.
  33. After working for some time, he got a promotion from his boss, whom he respected a lot.
  34. Whom would you like to go?
  35. This is a man whom I respect very much.
  36. I invite all on whom it will concern to attend the meeting to be held in the auditorium.
  37. Each seat on the bus costs £4 to buy. Whom are you going to buy it from?
  38. My father, whom we lost when I was young, would have loved these pictures.
  39. The man with whom she fell in love died during the war.
  40. I wouldn’t do that if I were you; you are talking to someone with whom you should be careful.
  41. I don’t know who it is but I think someone with whom we should talk is at the door Burke waited until Mary took her seat behind him.
  42. The waiter gave the bill to whom?
  43. The man with whom you came in is my friend.
  44. I have a collection of dolls of whom most are handmade.
  45. He was talking to the man with whom he works every day.
  46. She doesn’t know the people with whom she is staying at the moment, but they are really cool and friendly guys.
  47. The girl whom you married will never be interested in that beat up old truck.
  48. They gave the student over whom they were discussing a suspicious smile.
  49. You can ask me anything you like and I’ll tell you except for whom it concerns.
  50. Whom did you see?
  51. I know whom you are talking about.
  52. Those are the folks to whom I was referring.
  53. Who is the kitchen whom you want to buy it from?
  54. The man to whom she gave the money was Tom.
  55. Whom do you trust?
  56. It is she whom I saw yesterday.
  57. The man with whom I am going to lunch today is my brother.
  58. With whom are you going to the theatre?
  59. Who was that girl with whom you danced?
  60. Whom did you buy the book for?
  61. The senator whom I work with is a man whom we all admire.
  62. Tom is the man whom the police arrested.
  63. She is the woman whom they interviewed yesterday.
  64. Whom should we ask about safety guidelines?
  65. For whom is that letter written?
  66. To whom are you giving the book?
  67. Whom did he say this to?
67 Example Sentences with WhomPin
67 Example Sentences with Whom

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