adverbs starting with NPin

Adverbs Starting with N (List & Examples)

List of Adverbs Starting with N and their example sentences


Adverbs Starting with NExample Sentences
nearly It is a decision that would have nearly bankrupted the company, showing that the CEO is far too naive regarding finance.
narrowly Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to narrowly defined social and cultural problems.
nothing There was nothing extraordinary about his cooking.
noticeably When I looked at the data, the pictures were noticeably noisy.
next The event will never be held at the same time and place for the next three years.
neatly Folded with care and neatly stacked on top of the wardrobe.
near Be careful not to get dirt near the plants. They are delicate!
Mary wanted her bedroom to be near their kitchen.
nearbyThe customer wanted the store to be nearby.
John would like a job that is nearby, please.
When it comes to a shop, there are usually products made by hand nearby.
notably Her performance was notably passionate and enthusiastic.
We were notably happier after the massage.
The actions were seen by two students, who found them notably reprehensible.
neverWe never forget a customer’s needs.
Never use the same words every time. 
neverthelessNevertheless, we have no choice but to cancel it.
Nevertheless, you should not repeat yourself too much. 
nightlyI like to have coffee nightly.
He has been servicing you nightly.
newly Newly formed governments have complete control over the national budget.
Although it is newly created, it works smoothly.
Newly constructed buildings are some of the tallest in the city.
Newly married couples love to talk on the phone. 
nicely Nicely rounded sentences showcase his writing talents.
Nicely designed phones are great gifts for newly married couples. 
naturally Your mother genetically passed on the long and curly hair to you, making it possible for you to achieve naturally curly hair with a bit of help from a hairdresser.
A person who is naturally fit doesn’t need to work out.
nakedlyNakedly exposed to this danger, the young can quickly lose their innocence and give way to cynicism.
naivelyNaively, the child believed that his teacher would read composition carefully.
We are backwards-looking and naively optimistic in our view of the past, revealing an overly optimistic view of the future. 
nosily If the mayor nosily commands that, the city will be in trouble.
We can see that they all have no manners and are nosily laughing when their peers trip.
Tom is characterized as a nosily, meddling teenager in this coming-of-age novel.
Adverbs Starting with N


  1. Naively    
  2. Nakedly   
  3. Namely
  4. Narrowly
  5. Nastily
  6. Nationally
  7. Nattily
  8. Naturally 
  9. Nay
  10. Near
  11. Nearby
  12. Nearly
  13. Nearsightedly
  14. Neatly
  15. Necessarily
  16. Needfully
  17. Nefariously
  18. Negatively
  19. Neglectfully         
  20. Negligently
  21. Nervily
  22. Nervously
  23. Neurotically
  24. Never
  25. Nevertheless
  26. Newly
  27. Nicely
  28. Nightly
  29. Nimbly
  30. Nobly
  31. Nocturnally
  32. Noiselessly
  33. Nominally
  34. Noncommittally
  35. Nondescriptly
  36. Nonetheless
  37. Nonspecifically
  38. Nonverbally
  39. Nope
  40. Normally
  41. Northeastwardly
  42. Northerly
  43. Northwest
  44. Northwestwardly
  45. Nosily
  46. Nostalgically
  47. Notably
  48. Nothing
  49. Noticeably
  50. Notoriously
  51. Now
  52. Nowhere
  53. Noxiously
  54. Numbly
adverbs starting with NPin
adverbs starting with N

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