12 Verb Tenses in English Grammar (Definition, Formula & Examples)

Verb Tenses in English Grammar

Verb tenses in English Grammar may refer to the present time, past time, and future time. The knowledge of verb tenses is necessary to make proper sentences in English grammar. There are three basic types of tenses, past, present and future tense. These are based on the idea of the time in the given sentence … Read more

Parts of Speech Exercises [Worksheet] with Answers

parts of speech exercises

Every word used in a sentence fulfills a function and occupies a position. These words are divided into clauses called parts of speech, according to the function they fulfill. These parts of speech exercises will let you understand them better. We have written down sentences for each clause separately. The answers are given at the … Read more

27 Figures of Speech with Examples | Complete Guide

figures of speech with examples

A figure of speech is a mode of creating a great effect in words. It is stylistic devices that bring clarity in writing, vividness in ideas and beauty in expression. In order to express the words or phrases in a better way, we use figures of speech. It may be a simile, metaphor, personification, etc. … Read more

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences [Explained with Examples]

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Simple, compound and complex sentences are the three types of sentences according to the structure. A simple sentence consists of a subject and a predicate but a compound sentence consists of two or more subjects and two or more predicates. While the complex sentence can be adjective, noun or adverb clause. Here, we see examples … Read more

71 Idioms with Meaning and Sentences for Daily Use

71 Idioms with Meaning and Sentences for Daily Use

Idioms with meaning and sentences An idiom is a phrase with a non-literal or literal meaning. Here is a list of 71 daily use idioms with meaning and sentences. 1 – As easy as pie (very easy) It is not a difficult problem. In fact, it’s as easy as pie. 2 – Be all ears … Read more