Tenses Worksheet (Mixed Tenses Exercise)Pin

Tenses Worksheet (Mixed Tenses Exercise) with Answer

Mixed Tenses Worksheet (Exercise)

Mixed tenses occur when the verb in a sentence is not in the same tense as the other verbs. This can lead to confusion, but it is a common mistake made by beginners. The following mixed tenses worksheet will help you learn and practice these tricky grammar concepts.

See these mixed sentences of tenses and solve the worksheet.

01.Jack had been working in this office for five years.Past Perfect Continuous Tense
02.They walk daily.
03.Tom will leave for Canada tomorrow.
04.She is working hard to pass the exam.
05.Why were you smoking?
06.He has been playing the chess since evening.
07.Tom will have read the novel by the end of this month.
08.I am enjoying the holidays.
09.He will be watching the movie at 9 pm.
10.He has been painting the door for an hour.
11.I had finished my work before you arrived.
12.He was reading the novel yesterday.
13.Jack will attend the meeting on Tuesday.
14.They had been living in this town since 2008.
15.He has successfully completed his graduation.
16.Joe will have got admission in college by December.
17.Jackson reads newspaper in the morning.
18.Sara will have been attending ESL Classes for two months.
19.I have been learning Spanish for one week.
20.The patient took medicine.
21.Jim had finished the meal before the door bell rang.
22.Joe has won the best employee award of the year.
23.Tim will have been visiting Europe for two weeks.
24.The kids were playing in the park.
25.They are going to Austria to spend holidays.
tenses worksheet with answers
Tenses Worksheet (Mixed Tenses Exercise)Pin
Tenses Worksheet (Mixed Tenses Exercise)


  1. Past perfect continuous tense
  2. Simple present tense
  3. Simple future tense
  4. Present continuous tense
  5. Past continuous tense
  6. Present perfect continuous tense
  7. Future perfect tense
  8. Present continuous tense
  9. Future continuous tense
  10. Present perfect continuous tense
  11. Past perfect tense
  12. Past continuous tense
  13. Simple future tense
  14. Past perfect continuous tense
  15. Present perfect tense
  16. Future perfect tense
  17. Simple present tense
  18. Future perfect continuous
  19. Present perfect continuous tense
  20. Simple past tense
  21. Past perfect tense
  22. Present perfect tense
  23. Future perfect continuous tense
  24. Past continuous tense
  25. Present continuous tense

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