Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples)Pin

Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples)

You may be puzzled about how to make sentences with three (3) adjectives. Sometimes, you may find it tough to make sentences with more than one modifier.  Adjectives help describe the noun or a pronoun and make the idea or thought of the sentence clear and vivid. Thus, a more than one-word modifier will make the sentence intense, convincing, and powerful. In this lesson, you will learn how to use and place more than one adjective in a sentence according to its proper order. 

Here’s How to Order Adjectives in a Sentence

Quantity or numberten, hundred, thousands, etc.
Quality or opinionBeautiful, good, ugly, awesome, 
SizeSmall, big, huge, tall, etc.
AgeTen years old, century, etc.
ShapeSquare, round, triangular, rectangular
ColorBlack, white, blue, yellow, etc.
Proper adjective (Nationality)Filipino, American, Japanese
Purpose or qualifierRest area, study table, etc.

Sentences with 3 Adjectives

  1. I have three beautiful lovely dogs.
  2. I bought a big rectangular wooden table for our dining room.
  3. She is still so beautiful with her glittering long black gown at that party last night.
  4. They live in a peaceful small antique house in that town.
  5. Lisa is wearing a worn-out red sleeveless shirt today. 
  6. I love the big bright yellow flower of the orchids in my Garden.
  7. She sang 3 melancholic love songs at the party, her voice is so cool and awesome.
  8. He brought me a luxurious red Ford Fiery car as his birthday present.
  9. She is a quiet, humble, and intelligent student in our school.
  10. I like that slice of that delicious, square, Japanese cake you brought me yesterday.
  11. I am still wearing the old, antique, wristwatch you gave me.
  12. Summer is approaching, we are going to visit that beautiful and tranquil, white sand beach resort you’ve been last year.
  13. The three wounded young soldiers were rescued by their company.
  14. She has a huge, pink, teddy bear. It was her Dad’s present.
  15. The elephant has big and wide, fanlike ears. 
  16. Mona had won a new, small, white car. She was so surprised.
  17. Mario loves his old, black and white goat but it becomes sick and died.
  18. My cat has funny, soft, white, hair.
  19. In that 5 stories, the beautiful High School building was completely damaged by the earthquake.
  20. The Parrot has a pretty, blue, and green feathers.
  21. The sky is wide, blue and spacious.
  22. Mount Everest is a tall, and with perfect cone shaped mountain.
  23. We have our dinner in a restaurant. They served us  green, leafy vegetable meal  for our main dish.
  24. As we gazed the night sky, we enjoy the shining and sparkling twinkling of each stars.
  25. Today I have an appointment in an expensive and elegant ten years ol restaurant.
  26. It was a cold, dark and stormy night.
  27. The moon is beautiful, round and bright
  28. This tree has a big, oval shape juicy fruit.
  29. The snake had a scaly, rough, slimy skin.
  30. There are lots of big, hard and sharp rocks in this river.
  31. Lawyers are meticulous, analytic and organized when in terms to their cases.
  32. In our trip to San Francisco, we passed by the astonishing, long, and sturdy bridge.
  33. We watch a concert yesterday.  The 3 famous best singers performed very well.
  34. These 3 round lemon cake is for my mother’s birthday.
  35. Hold on! You have grip tight on that strong, long, branch of the guava tree!
  36. You must be sick! We must find a good and expert, lung doctor to check you out.
  37. This native food cost 3 hundred Philippine peso, not too expensive.
  38. Have you seen my small brown, snake skin bag? It must be here!
  39. I love to sleep in this soft and long, black couch. It is so comfortable.
  40. The ocean is incredibly deep, wide and full of wonders.
  41. These bunch of flowers in the basket have big, colorful and scented petals.
  42. He cooks very well, its delectable with sweet and sour taste.
  43. She is only 2o years old, but she looks old, thin, and tired.
  44. He had accumulated 5 days unexcused absences from her class.
  45. She is a vigorous and diligent preschool teacher in that school.
  46. The story in this book is so exciting, scary and tragic.
  47. My husband bought me an attractive 24 karat gold ring as his wedding anniversary Gift for me.
  48. I was about to fall on that 10 feet tall rocky mountain, and suddenly I woke up!
  49. This painting is already faded, worn out and a decade now.
  50. Bamboo grass can stand tall, flexible and strong even after the storm.
  51. Lonely, solitary and sad is the man without love.
  52. Passing this timeworn, weak wooden bridge would be dangerous.

Printable Examples:

Sentences with 3 AdjectivesPin
Sentences with 3 Adjectives
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Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples) Page 1
Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples) Page 2Pin
Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples) Page 2
Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples) Page 3Pin
Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples) Page 3
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Sentences with 3 Adjectives (52 Examples) Page 4


Sentences with 3 adjectives aid the readers to visualize or imagine the character of a noun or a pronoun or the subject in the sentences. Adjectives help emphasize, accentuate, and stress out the description of what is being talked to.  In poetic writings, these words technically help convey not just the intent or the meaning but also the tone and emotion of the poem. It can be possible to construct a sentence without adjectives, however, it can only express a limited idea. But the use of these words, (adjectives) will help the author and the reader explore their awareness or notion of the subject matter. 

For example, to say “I have dogs” simply gives the reader the idea that you own a dog. On the other hand, if you say “I have three beautiful lovely dogs”, will give the reader the awareness that you own not just one, but three beautiful and lovely dogs, which may give the reader curiosity on what was being told.

I hope this article had helped you in learning how to make sentences with 3 adjectives.

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