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Sentences with “of” (80 Examples)

In today’s lesson, we will learn the importance of the word “of” and make sentences with “of”.

The word “Of” is a preposition that points out relationships or connections of a word to another word. It could indicate the belongingness of a word (subject) to another word (pertaining to) e.g. “You are the love of my life”, it could also mean things made of other things e.g. “This table is made of hardwood”, things that contained or composed other things e. g. “The element H2O is composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen”, or a point of computation or estimations e.g. “We have a total amount of $25”.

We use “of” to show and relate people to other people or things to another thing. In the examples sentences, observe how the word “of” was used. Take note that it could use to indicate various relationships and connections as used in the sentence.

Example of Sentences with OF

  1.   You’re one of the most diligent students in this school.
  2.   Of course, I have my own decisions!
  3.   Beware of stray dogs.
  4.   I’m short of my weekly allowance.
  5.   We ran out of drinking water.
  6.   Her parents were so proud of her.
  7.   I’m afraid of snakes.
  8.   I want to eat a piece of chocolate cake.
  9.   Can I trust you of my secret?
  10. Suddenly, all of all were silent.
  11. They have a lot of property in Canada.
  12. Let go of me!
  13. You are the love of my life.
  14. Take care of my dog while I’m not around.
  15. He is afraid of getting married.
  16. They are the recipient of the Social Work Program.
  17. I am exhausted of my work.
  18. I just got out of the mall.
  19. Millions of people all around the world runs out of food.
  20. It’s none of your business.
  21. The bully made fun of Lito while he was on his way home.
  22. The whole family was displease of his attitude.
  23. The baby have fun of sucking his pacifier.
  24. He is afraid of the dog.
  25. Let’s go outside and have a cup of coffee or tea.
  26. I’m sick of your excuses.
  27. You must be here ahead of time. 
  28.  She is calling, I think she is in need of help.
  29. Let’s make use of time, we still have plenty.
  30. Just this morning, he died of his old age.
  31. He is a manger and runs a lot of restaurant here in Japan.
  32. Since they left their home, I don’t see much of him.
  33. I wish to have a piece of orange.
  34. Please help me get rid of it.
  35. You have to pay a total amount of $200 for that cosmetics.
  36. This table is made of hard wood.
  37. The element H2O is composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen
  38. Was that a picture of you, when you were 5 years old?
  39. They own a 10 hectares of land.
  40. You have to always take care of yourself, especially you’re away from your home.
  41. The death of his mother made the whole family gloom.
  42. Their business is composed of dry goods and furniture.
  43. I bought two bags of cement for minor renovation of my kitchen.
  44. I have a lot of household chores during weekends.
  45. The sky is full of dazzling stars.
  46. I bought a tray of egg for our 1 week consumption.
  47. Let’s drink a bottle of wine tonight.
  48. All of them are Doctors.
  49. He is worried of her brother who is sick. 
  50. She doesn’t like any of them.
  51. I need to do it earlier, I have a lot of homework to finish.
  52. This is the happiest day of the year.
  53. I’m so inspired because of his determination despite of his difficulty.
  54. He compose a lot of love songs and this become famous.
  55. Their house is made of fiber glass.
  56. She is always collecting a lot of pens, this becomes her hobby.
  57. Do you like to be a member of the group?
  58. If you have a lot of time, please visit me at home, we can have a cup of coffee.
  59. He bought a pair of expensive slippers.
  60. Since he had his work, he lives in a house of his own.
  61. Are you a student of that university?
  62. He was convicted of the crime homicide last year.
  63. Can you think of an object that has a round shape?
  64. She was screaming because of fear.
  65. My birthday is in the 4th of October.
  66. One of you must sacrifice to save the group.
  67. We have not realized that we have already lost sight of him.
  68. All of Lucy’s puppy died after their birth.
  69. What are you afraid of? There’s nothing to fear.
  70. Playing bowling is lots of fun.
  71. Can you help me get all of these stuffs out there?
  72. I’m so tired because of the heavy traffic on my way home.
  73. He still so energetic because of the activity yesterday.
  74. Life is full of changes and challenges.
  75. Luna used to drink a glass of milk before going to bed.
  76. He resigned as a chairman of the school board for he is leaving abroad.
  77. For the beauty of the earth, the creator is to be praised.
  78. Both of you are good friends.
  79. She is the invited speaker of the program.
  80. She is always staring at the window of her room.

Printable Examples:

Sentences with "of" (80 Examples) Page 1Pin
Sentences with “of” (80 Examples) Page 1
Sentences with "of" (80 Examples) Page 1Pin
Sentences with “of” (80 Examples) Page 2
Sentences with "of" (80 Examples) Page 1Pin
Sentences with “of” (80 Examples) Page 3
Sentences with "of" (80 Examples) Page 4Pin
Sentences with “of” (80 Examples) Page 4


See, making sentences with “of” is just easy. In fact, we use this word (of) in our daily communication. It is no doubt that you can make or construct your own sentences using the word “of”. Remember that this word builds the relationship of the word to another word which makes the sentence meaningful and comprehensible. This two-letter word is simple but important to complete the idea in a sentence.

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