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Essay on Health is Wealth

Essay on health is wealth


As we all know, our life is very complicated and busy today. And all these engagements are just to make money.

We have to work hard all day to earn money and in the cycle of earning money, we forget that taking care of our health; the most important element of our life.

We also forget to eat, exercise, rest, etc. on time. We must not forget that the real wealth in our lives is our health. It is true for everyone that “health is wealth”.

Good health reduces stress and promotes healthy living without pain.

Use of Balanced Diet

To maintain good health, we should eat a balanced diet. The elements of the balanced diet are fresh fruits, green vegetables, lentils, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc.

Healthy eating at the right time is very important for a healthy body, which is possible only with a balanced diet. It promotes the proper development of our body and keeps us mentally, physically, and socially healthy.

With good health, we can cope with any bad situation in life. We must always remember that it is very important for our well-being to stay healthy and for this we should always take care of our food.

Avoid Unhealthy Food

The fast-food and junk food are unhealthy foods as these do not contain any nutritious value. We should avoid such types of foods as much as possible because these can also cause different types of diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues etc.

Physical Activity

A busy life having no physical activity can lead to serious health hazards. Physical activities like walking, running, and exercises are as necessary as food.

The physical activities also involve different kinds of physical games. Whether you play a game or take exercise, it will keep you fit, active, and healthy.

Healthy Environment

To maintain good health, the environment also plays a vital role. You can notice a huge difference between the healths of two persons; one living in a perfect and relaxing environment and others living in a depressed and noisy environment.

A healthy environment is pollution and noise-free and has greenery. If these elements are not found naturally, you should adopt environmental guidelines and try to maintain your environment clean.

Nowadays, all sorts of steps are being taken to make human life better, but we do not care about our health at all.

In the present era, the smoke coming out of various factories and factories has spoiled the fresh air, due to which the supply of fresh air is decreasing day by day. Air, water, environment, and food have been affected and polluted. If we want to keep our environment clean and tidy, we need to plant as many trees as possible and keep our environment clean.

Hygienic Conditions

Similarly, hygienic conditions also define your health conditions. If your environment is clean and you adopt hygienic measures for yourself as well as your environment, it will leave a positive effect on your health.

Have some good time

In earlier times, life was not so busy. Life was much easier and healthier with a healthy environment than in those days. People were healthy because they did all the work of their daily lives with their hands and there was a lot of physical activity.

But today in the world of technology life has become very easy and comfortable but one of its disadvantages is that people have forgotten to work on their own while using machines and not being able to move the body much. That is why diseases are very common today.


Some physical activity, proper rest, hygiene, healthy environment, fresh air and water, personal hygiene, etc. are essential for good health.

You should also sleep at the right time at night. And you should get up early in the morning and take care of walking or running and resting from time to time.

Maintaining good health is a good habit to reduce congestion in front of hospitals, and it should be learned from childhood with the help of parents.

We should improve our health because no matter how hard a job or business a person does, he does it to earn his living and if our health is good then we can do anything well.

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