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Essay on Personality Development | Role of Education in Personality Development

Essay on Personality Development

Education is an important factor in the personality development of individuals. The school, after the home, is one of the social structures every child will pass through and one of its purposes is to build the character of that child. We shall be looking at some of the roles it plays in this process.

What is personality development?

Personality development is the process of expanding your personality. This may include doing activities that you don’t normally do, but find enjoyable and fulfilling like playing a new sport or trying new hobbies. It also includes developing skills that you already have but are not using to their full potential such as playing an instrument or speaking another language. Developing your personality can also mean discovering who you are in order to better understand yourself and grow into the person that’s right for you.

Character Development

As I stated earlier, the school plays a great role in the overall personality development of an individual.

From childhood, the child is exposed to this social setting and spends most of his day there. The influence that education, which is the major service the schools offer, has on the child cannot be overlooked.

After the home front, the school is responsible for the upbringing of children and their overall character development. Therefore, there should be a deliberate effort to ensure that the character of the child is molded properly during this time.

Education is not just about teaching theory to children, but a school environment is a place where a good foundation is laid for children to help in the future.

In school, virtues such as honesty, fairness, kindness, and respect are taught. The teachers and educationists have a tremendous influence on students and they are seen as role models so it is necessary that set good examples always.

You must understand that children learn very well by observation so care must be taken to how teachers behave before their students.

In school, there are a lot of planned actions and activities that are carried out in the classroom to help students develop a good character which will help them in life.

I shall go through some of these as I go on. There are some important things that should be put in place to help students build their character.

There are several methods of building character in students and when the character is inbuilt in the student, positive behavior is almost automatic.

There are several schools of thought that have provided different pillars that help build character.

Here, I have listed a combination of these pillars to help in the personality development of our young ones. They are:


They should be taught the importance of being trustworthy which basically is to learn how to keep their words. Students would learn the need to be honest and sincere; the need to be a person of integrity and why they should be reliable.


They should be taught the need to show respect to others by being courteous, acting with dignity, giving autonomy, tolerating opposing views, and accepting criticism.


They should be taught the need to be responsible for all their actions and daily living.


This is a character trait of being fair to all and in all situations. They should be taught the importance of this.

1.5 – CARING

The students should be shown why this character trait is essential and how it tells well of them.


This enables students to learn the importance of contributing to the good of society.


This character trait would help students learn how to work with others in a team. It helps teach them how to tolerate others and their viewpoints.


The student should learn how important it is to excel in whatever they do and that excellence has its rewards.


Student should learn to have compassion for and be empathetic to the needs and challenges of others.

To teach the students these character traits, you can spread them out and emphasize one of them each month. The students can be encouraged to research on each trait and can be assigned creative writing projects on them.

Set the rules

In the classroom, the teacher should set the necessary rules that will guide the behavior of the student.

Be clear of what is acceptable and unacceptable. It is also advisable to discuss them with the students. To make this work, make sure that you set an example for them so that it would be easier for them to follow.

You should be kind, neat, and punctual in class. You should also show respect to others and finish your work within schedule. By doing so, they will realize that they themselves do not have an excuse to fail or disregard rules.

To achieve maximum results, the teacher will need to explain to the student the character traits which each rule is meant to build. The teacher can also allow the students to make suggestions on possible rules that would be of benefit to the class.

They should always exhibit positive behavior so as to become role models for the students. It would also be good if a reward system can be put in place to reward good behavior.

Point them towards positive role models

Another way by which individuals can build their personality properly is to have good examples of heroes and role models in various fields of study.

Students would easily want to measure up to the character of someone they admire. The teacher should talk about such people that the students can learn from.

They can also be asked to describe, assess, and match the personality traits and behaviors of those people. The teacher can also talk about the behavior and lifestyle of current world leaders and celebrities and as the student to assess if their words match their actions.

Build a culture of respect

Teachers should teach students the need for them to develop self-respect and understand the importance of showing others respect. They can be shown with examples of the benefits of treating others with respect.

Teach them to talk positively

The students can be encouraged to learn how to talk right. Positive talk produces good results both now and in the future. Show them how their words affect their future.

Essay on Personality Development Role of Education in Personality DevelopmentPin
Essay on Personality Development Role of Education in Personality Development

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