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500 Words Essay on Nature in English

What you call nature, is an event, a phenomenon, wonders happening around us, or an environment where we are living.

Essay on Nature

Greenery, beautiful scenes, forests, and mountains are the things that come into our mind when we think about nature. But nature is a vast term. No doubt the aforementioned things are the part of nature but these cannot fully define nature.

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Importance of Nature

Nature is of the utmost importance for human life and survival. See these points showing the importance of nature.

  • Nature is important to us because we get several resources like air, water, and food, we cannot survive without them.
  • It is not only important for man but also for animals and other living beings on the planet. Most of them are part of nature.
  • Nature completes the life cycle.

Elements of Nature

Nature contains countless elements. We have not discovered all the elements. However, some are listed here.

  • Air
  • Water
  • Trees
  • Earth
  • Mountains
  • Valleys
  • Greenery
  • Forests
  • Deserts
  • Oceans

Steps for conservation of nature

Conservation of nature is inevitable. The following steps can be taken for the conservation of nature.

  1. Plantation of more and more trees and protection of existing trees. Forest without trees will become deserts. So, the maximum number of trees should be planted.
  2. Animals are also part of nature. Due to deforestation, many precious kinds of animals have vanished.
  3. We should control every kind of pollution. Increase in pollution is one of the causes of the destruction of nature.
  4. The campaign of awareness for the conservation of nature should be launched.

Activities destroying nature

Many human activities are destroying nature quickly. Like smoke/waste of factories, air pollution, noise pollution, cutting of trees are a few to mention.

As the population is increasing day by day, new cities and towns are expanding over time. Such expansion tends to cause a reduction in natural resources.

Deforestation is another cause. The area of forests has decreased many folds due to increase in the human population.

Disadvantages of destroying nature

  • The main disadvantage of destroying nature is the reduction of natural resources. These resources include clean water, forests, trees producing food and oxygen for us etc.
  • Increase in pollution; either air pollution or noise pollution, both are harmful to human life.
  • Beauty of the earth is also affected.

Benefits of nature for the life

Without nature, the life is not possible on this planet because it provides all the essential elements of our life. Few benefits are mentioned here.

  • It is a nature where a person can find the relaxation of the body and soul.
  • Nature provides a variety of resources for human use from fuel to food.
  • Nature also provides shelter to other living beings such as animals and ocean life.
  • Nature increases the beauty of the earth.


Nature is the source of inspiration for artists, authors, and poets. It is equally important for all living beings. You may have seen all the colors of life where nature exists in its original form.

We must take care of nature and avoid all those activities which may harm it because we the beneficiaries of nature. It not only increases the beauty of earth but also provides us food, air, and water.

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