20 Examples of Future Perfect Continuous TensePin

20 Examples of Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Examples of Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Future perfect continuous tense is used to describe an action that will be in progress at a specific time in the future. It is similar to present perfect continuous tense, except that it focuses on an action that will be completed at a specific point in the future rather than just having been completed recently.

20 Examples of Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. Will you have been waiting long?
  2. By 2025 I will have been working here for ten years.
  3. I will have been studying for two hours when you get home.
  4. We will have been working late next week by the time our boss returns from vacation.
  5. She will have been teaching for five years when she becomes principal of the school.
  6. We will have been living here for three years by the time we buy our first house.
  7. He will have been looking for a new house for two months when he finds one he likes.
  8. By springtime, they will have been living in their new home for over six months.
  9. I will have been cooking dinner for two hours by the time the children get home.
  10. By 10 pm today, I will have been reading this book for three hours.
  11. By the time he comes home, she will have been working on her project all day long.
  12. When you arrive at your office tomorrow morning, your boss will have been waiting for you for twenty minutes.
  13. We‘ll have been studying for five hours when we finish our homework tonight.
  14. The plane will have been flying all night when we land in Sydney early Friday morning after stopping over in Tokyo first.
  15. He‘ll have been working at that company for twenty years by the time he retires.
  16. By the time we leave for vacation, we‘ll have been looking forward to it for weeks.
  17. We‘ll have been driving for eight hours by the time we reach our destination.
  18. By the time the new semester starts next week, we‘ll have been living in this apartment for almost three years.
  19. By the time we get to the airport, we will have been driving for three hours.
  20. By the time they finish building their new house, they‘ll have been renovating their current one for three months.
20 Examples of Future Perfect Continuous TensePin
Examples of Future Perfect Continuous Tense

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