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Distributive Adjective (Examples & List)

Distributive adjective is one that is referring to each of the members of a group individually and separately. This means each individual element is separate from the other elements in the group. The kinds of distributive adjectives are non-reflexive but have additional characteristics of both an adjective and determiner at the same time.


Every person was given adequate time and space to speak. (In this sentence “every” is distributive adjective)

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What is Distributive Adjective

Distributive Adjective List

A distributive adjective is a subset of the whole or a group that is part of a set. These are the distributive adjective words.

  • Any
  • Both
  • Each
  • Every
  • Either
  • Neither

Distributive Adjective Examples

  1. Both of my parents are college graduates.
  2. Each of my siblings has a different career.
  3. Every day I drink eight glasses of water.
  4. Either you are coming with me or I’m going alone.
  5. Neither of those things is true.
  6. Every student has their own book.
  7. Neither of them is willing to compromise.
  8. Neither person knows what to do next.
  9. Neither party can agree on a plan of action.
  10. Neither one wants to give in first.
  11. Neither side trusts the other enough to make a move.
  12. Both options are unfavorable in one way or another
  13. You can join any course in the summer semester.
  14. There isn’t any food in the house!
  15. He did not give me any advice on how to get job.
  16. Both friends are teachers.
  17. Both Jon and Tom are neighbors.
  18. Each of the students has a different opinion on the subject.
  19. I need each of you to sign this form.
  20. I’ve been waiting for my turn for each hour that we’ve been here.
  21. I don’t have any money on me.
  22. Do you have any siblings?
  23. There aren’t any buses running late tonight, so we’ll have to take a taxi.
  24. Sorry, we’re all out of any ice cream leftovers.
  25. It’s going to rain tomorrow but I don’t know if it will be any thunderstorms.
  26. Can you tell me if there are any restaurants around here?
  27. We’ve been looking for our cat for hours now – does you have any idea where she could be?
  28. I’m really curious – do you have any idea what the meaning of life is?
  29. I eat breakfast every morning.
  30. I brush my teeth every night.
  31. We use this office for both business and pleasure.
  32. I use the computer every day for at least an hour.
  33. I read at least 10 pages every day.
  34. I go to bed by 11pm every night.
  35. I wake up at 7am every morning.
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Distributive Adjective Examples and List

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