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120 Examples of Simple Sentences

Simple sentences are the most basic kind of sentence. They contain only one clause, a group of words containing a subject, verb and object.

How to form the simple sentences? See the below examples:

  1. Dogs bark. (Subject + verb)
  2. Cats meow. (Subject + verb)
  3. I can sing very well! (Subject + infinitive)
  4. My friend is running fast! (Subject + present participle)

What is a simple sentence and its types?

A simple sentence is a basic sentence that contains a subject and a verb. The subject is the person or thing doing something, and the verb shows the action taken. Simple sentences can be made longer by adding more information to them.

There are many different types of simple sentences, but some of the most common include:

  • Declarative sentences state facts or opinions. Example: “The sun rises in the east.”
  • Exclamatory sentences express strong feelings or emotions. Example: “Wow!”
  • Imperative sentences give commands or directions. Example: “Close the door.”
  • Interrogative sentences ask questions. Example: “Do you like tea?”
  • Informational sentences provide information about things. Example: “This is a pen.”

Examples of Simple Sentences

  1. I want to go home.
  2. My dog is black and white.
  3. They are going to the store with me today.
  4. It’s raining outside right now.
  5. I like chocolate ice cream better than vanilla ice cream.
  6. The sun is shining bright in the morning today.
  7. I like ice cream.
  8. I have a dog named Princess.
  9. We live in New York City.
  10. He is wearing a white shirt and black pants today.
  11. They went to the park yesterday after dinner.
  12. My son loves to play baseball with his friends.
  13. The cat is sleeping on the couch.
  14. The dog is jumping in the pool.
  15. I like cookies and milk for a snack.
  16. Mommy loves me very much!
  17. I work at a bank.
  18. I went to the store.
  19. My name is John Smith.
  20. The sun is hot today.
  21. We have a big house.
  22. We drove all night
  23. You’re late again!
  24. The dog barked for a long time.
  25. The dog ran around the yard.
  26. The cat meowed loudly when I petted it.
  27. My brother likes to eat peanut butter sandwiches.
  28. I like to go to the mall.
  29. My grandmother loves to bake cakes.
  30. Grandpa enjoys fixing things around the house
  31. They don’t have any money to pay the bill.
  32. I am eating an apple.
  33. The dog chased the cat up the tree.
  34. We went camping last weekend.
  35. You must learn how to drive before you get your license.
  36. We need more time for our homework.
  37. The man is running.
  38. The man runs.
  39. I like apples a lot.
  40. You should not smoke in public places.
  41. My friends are coming over today at 5 PM.
  42. We had a good time at the party.
  43. Did you hear about the new restaurant?
  44. It sounds like it will be awesome!
  45. He eats meat.
  46. She is a doctor.
  47. The chair is made of wood.
  48. We are in the library right now.
  49. We are going to the store tomorrow.
  50. My brother’s name is Mark.
  51. I am taking an English class.
  52. My sister loves chocolate cake.
  53. I love chocolate.
  54. She goes to school every day.
  55. He is a good student.
  56. We like to read books in our spare time.
  57. The teacher teaches us math every day at school.
  58. My dog likes to eat chicken.
  59. My brother is tall and handsome.
  60. It’s time for bed now.
  61. The cat is sleeping on the pillow.
  62. My sister likes to play the piano.
  63. My mother cooks delicious meals every day.
  64. Grandma has a new puppy named Charlie!
  65. John will be home soon.
  66. I like tea.
  67. My favorite color is blue.
  68. My favorite book is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.
  69. She got a new car.
  70. My brother is taller than me.
  71. The test was easy today!
  72. I love pizza!
  73. I am a man.
  74. You are a woman.
  75. It was hard to do, but he did it well.
  76. We were ready to go out for dinner.
  77. I am an English teacher.
  78. My name is Mary Smith.
  79. My desk is in the classroom next door.
  80. The trees outside my window are green and full of leaves.
  81. There are many different kinds of birds singing in the trees.
  82. I woke up early this morning.
  83. I went to bed late last night.
  84. The cat sat on the mat.
  85. The duck swam in the pond.
  86. The horse ate hay at the barn.
  87. My favorite movie is Titanic.
  88. My birthday is on May 15th!
  89. I’m sorry.
  90. You look great today!
  91. You deserve better than this.
  92. I need help with my homework.
  93. I have a book on my desk.
  94. We went to Paris last year.
  95. The sheep grazed on grass in the field.
  96. The cow chewed her cud in the corral.
  97. A duck laid an egg.
  98. Let’s get ready for bed.
  99. I am writing a book.
  100. The dog is eating my homework.
  101. I want a cookie.
  102. The cat purred.
  103. The chicken clucked.
  104. We laughed at the silly animal sounds.
  105. We read a picture book about animals.
  106. I’m going to grow up and have a farm.
  107. Hooray for making silly noises together!
  108. You are the best mom ever!
  109. Thank you for being my friend!
  110. We did it!
  111. I am proud of you!
  112. Let’s have fun!
  113. You make me happy!
  114. You are so helpful!
  115. I like your smile!
  116. You are so sweet!
  117. I miss you.
  118. You’re funny.
  119. I need you in my life.
  120. I want to be with you forever.
120 Examples of Simple SentencesPin
Examples of Simple Sentences

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