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31 Future Continuous Tense Examples

Tenses in a sentence converse an incident or occurrence of an event in a location in time. Tenses are recognized by their association with the verb forms. There are three different tenses or main verbs: it is past, present, and future continuous tenses. 

Examples of Sentences in Past Tense, Present Tense, and Future Tense

Past tense

  1. She wrote a storybook yesterday.
  2. A while ago, I waited for the bus to arrive.

Present tense

  1. She is currently writing a storybook 
  2. I am waiting for the bus to arrive at the moment.

Future tense

  1. She will be writing a storybook, tomorrow.
  2. I am going to wait for the bus to arrive, by and by.

Notice that each of the tenses is determined by the adverb of time. These will help also help you identify the tenses of the sentence. Furthermore, there are four (4) main aspects of tenses such as: simple, perfect, continuous, progressive, and perfect continuous.

What is a Future Continuous Tense?

The future continuous tense is also called the future progressive tense. The form of the verb shows an ongoing or progressive action that will take place in the future. In simple terms, this tense, future continuous, states/represents those verbs that are going to take place in the future and are going to last or happen for some specific period.

Ways or modes of using Future Continuous Tense

Let’s take the following modes in which we can use Future Continuous Tense in a sentence. The three modes are in the Negative, Affirmative, and interrogatory Continuous forms.

 Examples of Future Continuous Tense in:

  1. Negative future continuous tense – the sentences, shows that the action will not take place or be completed.
  • I won’t be attending the class tonight.
  •  She will not be coming with us on our trip, tomorrow
  •  David will not be enrolling this semester because of his current part-time job.
  •  We will not be sleeping in the house tonight.
  •  Rene won’t be submitting his project until it will be completed.
  1. Affirmative future continuous tense – the sentences, shows that the action will take place or happen in the future. 
  • Tina will be going to the movie tomorrow.”
  • My mother will be attending the school’s meeting in the afternoon.
  • The family will be visiting their relatives on Christmas night.
  • We will be having our summer vacation at the beach at the end of the semester
  • Laura and her sister will be going to the mall after class.
  1. Interrogative future continuous tense – the sentences asked for information, ask questions, or inquire  
  • Will your friends be coming to the party?
  • Will you be marrying at the age of 25?
  • Will Ana be sleeping at 10:00 p.m.?
  • Will you still be loving me, tomorrow?
  • Will Dad be arriving from work early?

How to form Future Continuous Tense?

If you will be asked to make a sentence in a Future Continuous form, will you be able to make it? How are you going to do it?

Here’s the simple and easiest way to form a sentence in Future Continuous Tense.

Subject + will be + verb in ‘-ing’ form + adverb of time

Subject+Auxiliary Verb+Auxiliary Verb+Main Verb+-INGAdverb of time






Later this afternoon

Note that this form may be constructed with the adverb of time. There is a continuous or progressive action that will be going to take place or to happen.

The Future Continuous/Progressive tense Adverb of Time can be expressed such as: 

  • Later today
  • Next week
  • Next Month
  • Tomorrow
  • This afternoon
  • At 6:00 o’clock in the morning
  • At 6:00 o’clock in the afternoon
  • In the future
  • At the moment
  • Next day
  • Next year
  • Later
  • Noon time
  • Lunch time
  • Dinner time

More examples of Future Continuous Tense

  1. I will be writing the poem tomorrow.
  2. The baby will be crying without her Mom this evening.
  3. I will be cooking breakfast with my mother.
  4. Sheila will be slicing the cake later.
  5. Alicia will be running a one hundred meter dash in her competition  tomorrow.
  6. Maria with her neighborhood will be taking her dogs for a walk.
  7. Rhea will be arriving at noon time.
  8. My father won’t be working this coming week.
  9. The movie theatre won’t be opening this month.
  10. Who will be waiting for Peter at the bus station?
  11. Will you be sleeping in their apartment?
  12. Will you be arriving at the station by 10:00 P.M.?
  13. My best friends will be coming over for dinner this evening.
  14. Will you be washing your laundry tonight?
  15. We will be watching movie this weekend.
  16. Melissa will be visiting his grandmother’s house tomorrow.
  17. I will be joining the singing contest on our school Intramurals.
  18. My parents will be flying to New York on Monday. 
  19. I will not be attending my piano lesson tomorrow.
  20. Robert will be staying at the hotel on Friday.
  21. I will be decorating the venue for reception on my friends’ wedding next month.
  22. Rico will be traveling various restaurant outside the country, as part of his practicum, on the next semester.
  23. Take your coat. It will be raining when you come back.
  24. Tomorrow, they will be playing bastketball in the field.
  25. Later this evening, we will be watching a boxing.
  26. I will not be attending the acquaintance party because of conflict of schedule.
  27. She will be giving birth to her 2nd child in April.
  28. I and my client will be meeting this afternoon.
  29. My daughter will be celebrating her 8th birthday in May.
  30. The carpenters will be contructing the house starting next week.
  31. Laura will be meeting a doctor for check up on Wednesday.

Printable Examples:

Examples of Future Continuous TensePin
Examples of Future Continuous Tense
31 Future Continuous Tense Examples Part 1Pin
31 Future Continuous Tense Examples Part 1
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31 Future Continuous Tense Examples Part 2

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