Sentences of Nouns (50 Examples)

Sentences of Nouns (50 Examples)

We have narrated 50 sentences of nouns for you.

  1. Why are books so common and so cheap today?
  2. I went down to my friend Bob’s farm to help him.
  3. We have plenty of paper and printing machines.
  4. Tobacco is a wonderful commodity to tax.
  5. When comparing men and women in the matter of fashion, the conclusions to be drawn are obvious.
  6. The prosperity of any country depends on its economy.
  7. Man is the architect of his own fate.
  8. Early risers enjoy good and sound health.
  9. The hall contains 50 chairs and 10 round tables.
  10. I bought a laptop for $480 yesterday.
  11. My house is built on an area of ​​250 square feet.
  12. Julia is working hard to complete her assignment.
  13. She has been working in this company for five years.
  14. The mechanic has fixed my car.
  15. There are five fiberglass doors in my house.
  16. I always use leather made belts.
  17. The cat is sitting on the roof.
  18. This is a century-old building.
  19. The jug is full of water.
  20. The children were playing with the monkey in the zoo.
  21. The kids were feeding the deer in the park
  22. Astle has a superb collection of coins.
  23. Tom is playing the guitar.
  24. Group discussion teaches us to hear the point of view of the other person.
  25. Traveling to new cities and places makes me happy.
  26. Children are much happy to visit the village fair.
  27. Food shortage is there in many countries.
  28. Mrs. Wynne pretends to be a bluestocking.
  29. Driving long distances is my hobby.
  30. This music sounds unpleasant.
  31. The food tastes good.
  32. The officer caught his clerk napping during office hours.
  33. He absented himself from the class.
  34. The milk in the jug smells bad.
  35. I am too tired to do any work.
  36. She has been living in Melbourne since 2006.
  37. He had brown hair.
  38. I prefer health to wealth.
  39. We always sit in the library at 11 a.m.
  40. You can depend on my word.
  41. What were they expecting from South Africa?
  42. She hung the picture on the wall.
  43. When he was sitting in the garden, a snake bit him.
  44. We shall have reached the station before the train will come.
  45. The old man is ill for the last two months.
  46. Did he get admission in the college?
  47. Fleming is a man who loves his fellowmen.
  48. How many times have you gone to Austria?
  49. All the plants in the valley are
  50. I saw he was writing something in his notebook.

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Sentences of Nouns (50 Examples)
Sentences of Nouns (50 Examples)

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